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plagiarism checker tools

Have you ever thought of a Plagiarism checker free online tool to write a unique content? If you want to write original and useful content for readers. You need to test its uniqueness.

To get higher rank in Google search, you need to write a content not matching to another website. A unique content makes your blog different and useful for readers.

Test your blog uniqueness with plagiarism checker Free Online tools and launch your article on your blog. If you are a professional blogger or a writer, you always need a means to write a unique article to get high search results. Keep using a plagiarism checker tool for writing your blog posts can solve all your problems to increase traffic.

10 Best Plagiarism Checker tool to Write Unique Content for your Website

These tools are useful when you want to create many posts and drive traffic to your blog. If you sell any product, you can write posts based on the product to get relevant traffic and get more sales.

Here are few tools to write exclusive blog posts or articles:

1 Grammarly

Grammarly is the top plagiarism checker Free Online tool for beginners and professionals. Students can enjoy writing unique essays with this Originality Checker tool. The Grammarly checker tool is more than plagiarism tool. I mean, you can write a better English with Grammarly available tools like spelling check, Grammar check, and sentence correction.
A unique website to test your unique content with the positive reviews of the teachers. College and Universities using this tool to check plagiarism of Institute content.

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It offers a free Google Chrome extension tool to check your grammar. To install and start correcting your errors. There is no limit to making corrections using the tool. You don’t need to pay any penny to use Chrome extension and perform common errors.

The Grammarly Chrome extension allows you to do the email Grammar error check while writing. You can chat on the browser with your friends in social networking sites and play talking text correction.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Signup to get Grammarly free Google Chrome Extension

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A Grammarly Microsoft word tool comes from the premium subscribed users. You can perform plagiarism checks on your Microsft word document in a single click. All other Grammar correction and sentence corrections can be done directly in Microsoft Word. The Microsoft Word plugin is available for premium subscribers only to use.

Perform your content uniqueness test with Grammarly plagiarism checker tool and become a better writer and successful blogger. Our Grammarly review guide provides you all the information about Grammarly features.

2 Small SEO Tools

The small SEO tool provides many tools to check your posts quality. plagiarism checker Free Online tool is one of them. Open its homepage and click the plagiarism checker tool option. Here, a small SEO text box needs some text to put inside it and click the ‘Check Plagiarism Checker’ button. On click of the button, you will get some results of Originality Checker. If your content is unique, there is no need to modify them. But if your content is not exclusive, you have to change it and make some other sentence.

There is a limit to check plagiarism content. After you exceed the limit, you will have to upgrade your plan to premium one to perform more tests per day. Also, there is a limit of text to put in the text box and check plagiarism.

Smallseotools Plagiarism Checker

Go to Small SEO Tool

Check their subscription plan and upgrade your plan. They got many tools like Grammar Checker, Keyword Checker, Backlink checker and much more. Use them to make SEO for your content.

3 Duplichecker

A duplichecker is a plagiarism checker Free Online tools available to check unique content. You don’t’ need to click on the tool to go to the plagiarism checker tool. Open the website and copy and paste the content in the given text box.

Duplichecker Plagiarism Checker

Go to Duplichecker website

When you open homepage, you can see, there is a limit of 1000 words to put in the text box. If you put more than 1000 words in the text box, duplichecker algorithm does not allow you the perform plagiarism corrections.

4 Plagiarisma

A plagiarisma website is slightly different plagiarism checker Free Online tools from the previous one. You can put your content in the text box, upload doc file for Originality Checker. But you can also put one of your website blog post URL in the input box to get your unique result. This is useful for some reason when you want to check your content, you can do so directly by putting the URL. This saves you time and extra effort.

plagiarisma Plagiarism Checker

Go to Plagiarisma website

Plagiarisma also provides you the result in the PDF format, you can use and perform the text conversion manually. A PDF file is useful when you don’t want to use this tool for each single correction. In that case, you can open your PDF file every time you want to check the plagiarism test.

5 Quetext

The quetext is a free Originality Checker tool. The tool offers many free features like file upload, reports and much more. The report comes in PDF format, doc format and online. You can put more than 1000 words at a time to perform your check, but you need to use the pro version of the tool. A pro version allows checking 25000 words and 50 pages in one test.

With the pro version, you can upload multiple files in one test.

Quetext Plagiarism Checker

Go to Quetext website

There is a simple text box available on the homepage to put the text. They have a deep test technology by which you can find your content matching with the other resources. In the present scenario, quetext is used by more than 1 million students and professionals.

6 Search Engine Reports

The website contains almost every tool you want to check SEO of your website. You can use this plagiarism checker tool by selecting the plagiarism option given in the menu bar. After you visit the page, you get the same text box as of other previous websites. Enter your content in the text box and press the ‘Check for Plagiarism button’. It will provide you all the duplicates from your content.

Searchenginereports Plagiarism Checker

Check my Plagiarism

However, with plagiarism tool, you will get a solution of many other SEO tools like Online ping website tool, keyword checker tool, the backlink checker and much more.

7 Plagscan

Plagscan tool is used by more than 1000 institutions and more than one million students and professional.
Plagscan Plagiarism Checker

Go to Plagscan website

They have an upload file option and put content in the given text box. Both options are allowed to check your unique and duplicate content. You can check your content with the free sign up system. Pro version is available to perform an advanced plagiarism checker Free Online tool of your content. It is easy to use solution for the students and professionals.

8 Plagiarismsoftware

A plagiarismsoftware website is an online software with many features in a single location. You put your content in the text box given on the front page of the website. By pressing the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button, you can check your matching content if matching with the other websites.

Plagiarismsoftware Plagiarism Checker

Go to plagiarismsoftware website

In addition to this, they also provide options to enter a particular URL of your website page and perform the test. The test is limited to 1000 words/test. To perform more test, you need to subscribe to them to the pro version.

Over 1 Lakh users using this software worldwide. However, the homepage is not very attractive, but they have a client list with brand names Techora, Ispring, CloudML and many others.

9 Plagiarismchecker

Plagiarismchecker is a tool that checks plagiarism for your website. They have separate pages which you can visit by clicking the main menu. These pages are for document plagiarism check, URL plagiarism check and yes, the reporting part of the tool. Visit each list and test every part of your website for plagiarism.

Plagiarismchecker Plagiarism Checker

Go to Plagiarismchecker website

They provided step by step procedure to use all their tools efficiently. However, the tool is not very popular as of previous ones. But you can use this free tool when you want to check unique content.

10 Plagramme

The plagramme online tool is a multilingual Plagiarism checker tool. Multilingual means, you can check your content if matching with other content. While checking your test, they result out your content with the color highlighting. So that you can easily detect your plagiarism content.

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

Go to plagramme website

To use this service you need to sign up with this tool and they will provide you this tool for free. If you want more advanced features and advanced report, you need to sign up and upgrade to the pro version of this tool.


If you want a tool to detect your content if matching with the other content, you can use these tools. Each tool is unique to perform this task. Get your advance report and convert your matching content to exclusive content.

If you want to perform the advanced test, you can go with Grammarly. Grammarly got everything from plagiarism checker tool to Grammar checking tool. Write Grammar error free and unique content for your blog or article.

Signup to get Grammarly free Google Chrome Extension

There are hundreds of tools available online, but the tools listed here are our trusted and tried one.

Feel free to comment below for any query.

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