Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs: Earn Money For Free Signups

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Are you a blogger who wants to make free money from pay per lead affiliate programs?

You can earn easy money when someone signup with the program for free. There are many programs offering real money to get more leads for their website. Top pay per lead affiliate programs can be the best source of money for bloggers.

Every blogger knows that to monetize your blog, you can use Adsense or start affiliate marketing. All these need your hard work to make money online from a blog.

Top Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs: Earn Money For Free Signups

However, top pay per lead affiliate programs makes it easier for a blogger to earn free and easy money online.

Affiliate Disclosure: At Tutorialdeep, we believe in transparency for our users. In this blog, there are some referral links. If you signup with these links we will earn some commission at no extra cost to you. We recommend these links because they are our trusted brands.

Now, if you have decided to join the top pay per lead affiliate programs given here, you can start with joining the ShareASale affiliate network marketplace.

Bonus: download a Free Affiliate Marketing eBook(in PDF Format) that will give you access 20 most useful tools to generate more leads and sales.

I highly recommend you to also signup with each program. Know your products before promoting them on your blog to honestly start earning money.

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs to Earn FREE Money

Here is the list of the best pay per lead affiliate programs to earn money for free signups.

1. ShareASale ($30 as Highest Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program)

ShareASale is the top Affiliate Marketplace Network to get affiliate products to promote on your blog. It is the most trusted affiliate network that comes with many high-paying affiliate programs to earn more money.

ShareASale best pay per lead affiliate program

I am also an affiliate of ShareASale and have no problem getting payments on time. There are many pay per signup programs available here to join and promote on your blog.

Here is my ShareASale earning proof you can check in the image given below.

My ShareASale earning proof

It’s also the highest paying pay per lead affiliate program to earn $30 per lead. To qualify for the $30, your lead should signup through your affiliate link as a ShareASale affiliate and generate at least $20 in commission.

You can check our guide given below to signup for ShareASale affiliate and get affiliate links to promote.

Follow this guide to Learn ➔ How to Signup Shareasale Affiliate (Step-by-step Guide)

After you start a blog using WordPress, you can use ThirstyAffiliates to easily manage the affiliate links you are getting from the ShareASale network above.

I have also created a guide to easily manage affiliate links in WordPress with ThirstyAffiliates.

Join ShareASale Affiliate Program

2. Sendinblue (5€ For Free Signup)

Sendinblue is an all-in-one email marketing solution that can fulfill all your email marketing needs on one single platform. It comes with easy to use interface with an email builder that helps you easily create and send emails in minutes.

Sendinblue best pay per lead affiliate program

You can find it one of the most trusted email marketing platforms to easily create email marketing campaigns, contact management, email automation, social media marketing, Facebook ads, and more. It can also help you to create and schedule webinars for your customers.

Here is my Sendinblue earning proof you can check in the image given below.

My Sendinblue earning proof

They will send payments via PayPal. I have received the payment to my PayPal Here is an email received for the payment of 400€ from Sendinblue.

My Sendinblue earning proof

For each free signup of Sendinblue for the free plan, Sendinblue gives 5€ for each free signup and 100€ for each sale.

Signup Sendinblue Join Sendinblue Affiliate Program

3. FreshBooks ($5 For Free Signup)

FreshBooks is the cloud-based accounting software built for small businesses. With this software, you can create automated invoices to send recurring invoices to your customers. It saves your valuable time and increases your earnings with less effort. Find more in the FreshBooks review.

You can bill your customers in any currency and allow them to pay via credit card. Track all your expenses and calculate your profits with this easy software. It does not matter whether you are a self-employed, freelancer, or running your business. FreshBooks is for professional small as well as large businesses.

FreshBooks program to earn money for free signup

FreshBooks comes with a free plan for 30 days with no credit card required. With this free plan, you can perform all its features for 30 days free of cast.

For each free signup for its free plan of 30 days, FreshBooks gives $5 for each free signup. It can add some extra buck to your earnings with very fewer efforts.

FreshBooks also gives an extra bonus of $25 when you add its banner to one of your website blog posts. You have to just add any of its banners to your blog post and send the added post URL to them. Within 7 days, it adds a bonus of $25 to your ShareASale account.

Signup FreshBooks Join FreshBooks Affiliate Program

Bonus: download a Free Affiliate Marketing eBook(in PDF Format) that will give you access 20 most useful tools to generate more leads and sales.

4. Pluralsight ($5 For Free Signup)

Pluralsight is an online platform to learn courses based on Software Development, IT, Database, and Cyber Security. It can help you to learn courses from anywhere and from any location. You can also learn from it in the comfort of your home. You just need to choose your favorite topic and courses to start learning professional courses.

Pluralsight program to earn money for free signup

It is the most popular platform using by 1500+ technology experts and trusted by 70% of Fortune 500 companies to learn software development. Pluralsight is a one-stop premium courses learning platform for many IT and Software Development learners. You can learn many latest and advanced technologies with thousands of variety of courses that you have to select.

Pluralsight comes with a 10-days free trial plan with the required credit card. However, you will not be charged within the trial period of 10 days. After that time period, your plan automatically upgraded to its premium subscription plans to monthly or yearly if you do not cancel within the trial period limit.

For each free signup of its 10-days free trial plan, Pluralsight gives $5 for each free signup.

Signup Pluralsight Join Pluralsight Affiliate Program

5. Tailwind ($0.50 For Free Signup)

Tailwind is the tool to schedule your post to Pinterest & Instagram. Share your best post automatically to social media with less human effort. It is an all-in-one tool to share and track your post after you share it.

The tool also comes with a browser extension to create multiple posts from any site with one click. It is the best marketing tool trusted by many bloggers and online marketers.

Tailwind best pay per lead affiliate program

Drive smart traffic to your blog by resharing your best content on top social media. Make all your blog posts evergreen and save your valuable time. Focus on creating good content without worrying about sharing for traffic.

For each free signup for the Tailwind free plan, Tailwind gives $0.50 for free signups. Each lead can signup through Pinterest or Instagram account in minutes to earn extra and easy money.

Signup Tailwind Join Tailwind Affiliate Program

6. Grammarly ($0.20 For Free Signup)

Grammarly is the best online grammar checker tool. With this tool, you can improve your writing skills in English and make the correction in minutes. With this single tool, you can perform all your spelling check, grammar check, and plagiarism check of your blog post.

Create an error-free blog without any duplicate content using Grammarly plagiarism checker. It helps you to write an error-free blog post without any English grammar knowledge.


If you are an English writer but not a native English speaker. Grammarly provides you with all the useful tools to become the best English writer and Earn money online.

In addition to all the above, it also gives $0.20 for each free signup you promote. If you write a review about Grammarly, it also gives $25 as a bonus. But, to get this bonus, you have to first join the ShareASale affiliate marketplace and after that signup Grammarly with the below signup link.

Signup Grammarly Join Grammarly Affiliate Program

7. FreshDesk ($5 For Free Signup)

Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk solution for customer service. It helps you to easily resolve issues by making conversations with clients via phone, email, chat, social media, and many other channels.

It can automate all your services to provide the best customer service to your customers. With more than 40, 000 customers worldwide, it is a cost-effective and trusted solution as compared to other solutions.

freshworks best pay per lead affiliate program

To get started, Freshdesk free plan comes with unlimited agents, email & social ticketing, ticket dispatch, datacenter location, and many more.

For each free signup of FreshDesk for the free plan, FreshDesk gives $5 free signups.

Signup FreshDesk

8. Ginger ($0.20 For Free Signup)

Ginger software is the fastest way to write better English online. If you are a blogger or writer and want to create the best blog post. No matter whether you are a native speaker or not.

Ginger best pay per lead affiliate program

For each free signup of Ginger for the free plan, Ginger gives $0.20 for free signups.

Signup Ginger

Conclusion: Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs Have High Earning Potential

If you promote them seriously with a few extra efforts. These Affiliate Marketing pay per lead programs can be the best source of earning online for you. These programs have a high earning potential to earn easy money online. If you want to make passive income with few initial efforts.

I will keep updating this list which I found more profitable pay per lead affiliate programs to join. If you have any other high-quality affiliate program to earn money on free signups, do let us know by commenting below. I will definitely add it to the above-given list.


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Also tell me, which is your best pay per lead affiliate program to earn money on free signups.

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