If you want to make money and create highly profitable blog, you should consider promoting recurring affiliate programs. Recurring affiliate programs help you to generate income for lifetime.

What is Recurring Affiliate Programs?

Recurring Affiliate programs are the programs that can give you monthly basis income when someone buys product from your affiliate links. Every month you will get commissionn when the user renew its monthly subscription.

Affiliate marketing is the way to earn income whey someone buys product from your affiliate. You can earn one time income with affiliate programs.To earn more money with affiliate programs, you need to find more customers. But when you join recurring affiliate programs, you can earn long time income with only a single customer even lifetime income.

The recurring affiliate program is the most profitable affiliate programs you can join to monetize your blog and make lot of residual money or free money for lifetime.

Why you should join recurring affiliate programs

Recurring affiliate programs are the best way to monetize your blog in place of earning limited income for one time. You can product free money each time your referral renew its program for the product.

Below are the benefits to join the best recurring commission affiliate programs.

Earn Money For Lifetime: With best recurring commission programs, you can earn money for your lifetime. Not all programs provide recurring income for lifetime, few offers residual income for 1 year. But, In this post you will get list of affiliate programs offering recurring income for lifetime. So, join each p

Monetize your blog: You need to get more traffic and earn money to monetize your blog. For this, you need to start promoting affiliate products. Affiliate products are the best way to get higher commissions.

Recurring programs are the best way to earn residual income and create a most successful blog.

Required less effort to earn consistent money: You can start earning more money than the ads with just less efforts. Unless make money online required hard work. But, if you starts promoting recurring affiliate programs, you can earn consistent money with very less efforts.

Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs To Earn Money For Life

Affiliate Program Program Type Commission rate Sign Up
Aweber Email Marketing 30% Join Now
Get Response Email Marketing 33% Join Now
Elegant Themes WordPress Themes 50% Join Now
Semrush Search Engine Analysis Tools 40% Join Now
LongTailPro Keyword Reearch Tools 30% Join Now
Answerbase Question and Answer system 50% sale + 15% recurring Join Now
Tailwind Pinterest scheduling tool 15% Join Now
Tubebuddy Youtube Ranking tool 50% Join Now
Socialoomph Social Sharing tool 40% recurring + 5% Referral Join Now
Improvely Conversion Tracking Tool 10% recurring + 50% /sale Join Now

1. Recurring Affiliate Programs

Aweber is the online Email Marketing Software use by 100,000 plus users to and track them with its online features.

Aweber offers 30% recurring affiliate commission each time when the users renew their plan. You can earn money for lifetime with this affiliate program.

There are many bloggers earning consistent money with Aweber affiliate program.

Benefits of Aweber Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 30% recurring commission for each sale you refer.
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days

Read more about Aweber affiliate program here

2. GetReponse best Recurring Affiliate Programs

GetResponse is the best Email Marketing software and is the best alternative of Aweber with very low in price. You can get all its features at a very affordable price of $15/month only.

GetResponse affiliate programs offer 33% recurring commission for everytime the user renew their account.

It offer you awesome features to create your email list and make more sale. It contains useful tools to create beautiful email.

Benefits of GetResponse Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 33% recurring commision per sale
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days

Read more about GetResponse affiliate program

3. Elegant Themes best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Elegant themes offers 50% recurring commission to their affiliate partners who make sales through their affiliate links. Each time the user buy theme through the affiliate link, you will get 50% recurring commissionn each month.

Elegant Themes

It’s a win-win offer for every bloggers who want to monetize their blog and earn money.

Benefits of Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 50% recurring commission/sale
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about Elegant Themes affiliate program

4. Semrush Recurring Affiliate Programs

Semrush offers free plan to our users for 15 days, sign up semrush with this link. Analyse your competitors website and create your best content to grow your traffic.

Semrush offers 40% recurring commission for each sales of semrush pro plan for each month user renew its plan. It’s a high paying affiliate progam with high recurring income.

Benefits of Semrush Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 40% recurring commission/sale
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about Semrush affiliate program

5. LongTailPro Recurring Affiliate Programs

LongTailPro is the best keyword research tool to find the most profitable keywords for Google search. You can find keywords to increase your adsense earning with the high paying keywords.

It is one of the cheapest keyword research tool you can use for 10 days only for $1. However, it’s monthly plan starts with the lowest price of $25.

LongTailPro offers 30% recurring income for lifetime, depend upon how long the user renew it’s monthly plan. If the users renew each month for life, you will also get the lifetime income. That’s the beauty of recurring affiliate programs.

Benefits of LongTailPro Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 30% recurring commission/sale
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about LongTailPro affiliate program

6. Answerbase Recurring Affiliate Programs

Answerbase software can be used to add question & Answer system to your website. Yuo can add simple and efficient forum system to your website.

By affiliate marketing of this product, you can earn 50% of the first month revenue + 15% recurring revenue of each month the user renew its program.

The program start from $49/month, that means, if you make one sale you will get $24.50 for 1st month + $7.35 per month recurring income.

Benefits of Answerbase Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 50% for each sale + 15% recurring commission/month
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about answerbase affiliate program here

7. Tailwind Recurring Affiliate Programs

Tailwind is the best Pinterest scheduling tool you can use to schedule and track your pins. You can signup the tool for free and can send upto 100 pins. For more pins, you have to upgrade your plan.

By joining its Affiliate program, you can earn $0.50 for free sign and for each pro account you can earn 15% recurring commission for each sale.

Benefits of Tailwind Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 15% recurring commission/sale
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about Tailwind affiliate program here

8. Tubebuddy Recurring Affiliate Programs

Tubebuddy is the best tool to increase your youtube videos ranking and get more views.

It’s affiliate program offers 50% recurring commission for life

Benefits of Tubebuddy Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 50% recurring commission/sale
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about Tubebuddy affiliate program here

9. Socialoomph Recurring Affiliate Programs

Socialoomph is the social tool used to schedule social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

You can join free plan to test this software and schedule your posts.

It’s affiliate program offers 40% recurring commission plus 5% from referral revenue.

Benefits of Socialoomph Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 40% recurring commission/sale + 5% referral revenue
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about Socialoomph affiliate program here

10. Improvely Recurring Affiliate Programs

Improvely is the conversion tracking and analytic tool used to track organic and ad campaign.

It’s affiliat program offers 50% commission for each sale plus 10% recurring commission each month user renew its plan.

Benefits of Improvely Affiliate Program

  • Earning Commission: 50% commission per sale plus 10% recurring commission/month
  • SignUp: Here
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Read more about Improvely affiliate program

I will keep updating this list of recurring commission program which I found more profitable to join. If you know any other recurring affiliate programs with high paying commission potential, do let us know by commenting below.

Which is your best recurring affiliate program to promote and earn money? Comment below

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