10 Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English (2022)

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Are you looking for the Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English?

An English writing tool helps to write better English and improve your article or blog quality. If you are a blogger and English is not your mother tongue language, there may be chances that you may stick with errors on your article or blog.

English speakers also making mistakes while writing content in English. If you are too lazy to check your errors for mistakes, you can use the best tools to easily check and eliminate errors in just a few clicks.

Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English

Test your grammar before you launch something online on your blog. If you are a student, you always want to write an error-free essay to get high marks. Writing your article or essay with the best websites to improve writing skills in English can solve all your problems.

How to Start Eliminating Mistakes While Writing English?

There are many English writing tools all have different pricing and features. Most of the tools are great and you just need to find the best tool to improve your content.

For example, if you are a beginner, student, or blogger and want to check plagiarism, punctuation, spelling, and other Grammar errors. Grammarly is the #1 choice for you to get started.

If you are a professional publisher and author, ProWritingaid would be a great pick.

In this guide, I worked hard to provide you best online tools for your English writing. Choose the best tool that can do the magic you need to easily remove all your errors.

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10 Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English

Here are some useful tools to improve writing skills in English.

1. Grammarly (#1 Best Website to Improve English Writing Skills)

#1 English Writing Tool For Beginners, Students, and Bloggers

Grammarly is the top English writing tool for beginners and students. It is the #1 tool and blogger’s first choice to improve writing skills in English. You can perform the spelling check, Grammar check, and plagiarism check with this tool.

hBest Website to Improve English Writing Skills Grammarly

You can start using this tool by installing its free Chrome extension. There are no limits to check your mistakes and eliminate errors while writing online. It cost you nothing to sign up for the tool. You can find more details about this tool in Grammarly Review.

How to install Grammarly Free Extension

  1. Open Grammarly homepage and click the green button ‘Add to Chrome’.
  2. It open Chrome web store, click ‘Add to Chrome’.
  3. A popup will start to appear, click ‘Add extension’
  4. After extension installation, fill create free account form. That’s all!
Note: If you want to know the steps of creating a free account on Grammarly with screenshots, you can read our guide on How to Create Grammarly Account and Add Browser Extension

After that, you will find Grammarly online everywhere while writing any online editors. It starts showing errors to check and eliminate in just a few clicks.

With the Grammarly free Chrome extension, you can check errors quickly while writing online an email on Gmail, social posts and chats, and other online editors. Grammarly is a powerful grammar checker tool, spelling, vocabulary, and plagiarism checker tool with no limit to check the errors.

Grammarly also comes with a Microsoft word tool. If you want to perform all of the corrections to a word document, you can do so with Microsoft Word plugin installation. The plugin is available for premium subscribers only.

Try Grammarly Now (It’s Free)

2. Ginger Software (#2 Best Website to Improve English Writing Skills)

Best Writing Tool That Has Everything You Need to Write Great English

The ginger software is the best tool available online to improve writing skills in English and check Grammar errors. You can perform checks for writing errors, spelling mistakes, and much more with this tool. The tool is available for free to download and install.

However, The tool is limited to some count of checks per week. You can check all your errors and correct them with one click. But after you reached the limit, It asks for a subscription, which costs you some amount to pay.

Ginger improve english writing skills

You have to get a subscription to perform more, checks per week. You can install a free Chrome extension and correct your mistakes within your browser.

With ginger, you can perform the subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, misused words corrections, contextual spelling correction. Perform your checks efficiently with Ginger software.

Try Ginger

3. Online Correction (#3 Best Website to Improve English Writing Skills)

An online correction is a free tool available online to find spelling mistakes and basic grammar mistakes. The tool allows you to put your text in the website text area and click the submit button. On click on the submit button, the site gives you some corrections to your mistakes.

Online Correction improve english writing skills

How to improve English writing skills with Online Correction:

The checks show you resulted text which has interesting suggestions. Each correction, color shows you some errors you perform at different sections of English. The blue color shows your Grammar errors and Pink color shows you possible typo mistakes, the orange color shows you capitalization errors, and much more.

Try Online Correction

4. Slick Write

The Slick Write is a free and powerful application to improve English writing. You can perform grammatical errors and potential stylistic errors with this tool.


If you want to write some content and perform checks for the sentencing error, you can use this tool and its free app to complete this online. You need just to open the website and copy and paste the content to the website app. The error display with red underline text, hover over the text, and perform your corrections with few clicks.

Signup Slickwrite

5. Readable (Improve English Writing Skills)

Readable is a collection of tools that can improve the readability of your English writing content. You can improve the quality of your content by correcting the mistakes with Readable.

Perform Flesch Reading check, keyword density check, and many other controls. You can improve the quality of your content and make it more enjoyable with this free tool.


how to improve English writing skills with Readable:

To perform the check at readable, open the website and copy and paste the text content on the website text area. Click the ‘measure readability’ button. The result shows your writing grade for all the readability formulas. If you find any corrections, you can do so with this checker tool.

Signup Readable

6. Online Spellcheck

An online spell check is an online service to perform spelling checks for your content. You can also show some common grammatical mistakes with this tool. Copy the text and paste the text content on the website, click the ‘check text’ button to check the errors.

If you want to check your doc file contains errors, you have to upload it to the website and perform the corrections. The process is the easiest way to perform all your content tests.

Online Spellchecker to check spelling errors

One thing, here, to note is that they will not keep your uploaded doc file for any other use. They have a policy by which your uploaded data will be safe after you upload it to the website. So, you don’t need to think about the security of your uploaded data.

Signup Online Spellcheck

7. Duplichecker

You can find this website with its name duplichecker. It means you can check the duplicate content of your site with this online tool. The app requires you to upload your content in the form of text for the document.

There are two options given, whether you want to upload the text file or you directly put your content. In both ways, duplichecker provide you the exact solution for your content duplicity.

Duplichecker to find duplicate content

Upload your content to the website and click the ‘check plagiarism’ button. This will takes a few seconds to process the content and provide you the result.

The result comes out with the content contains some duplicate text matching with the other website. If you think, you want to retain the content; you do not need to change the text.

Signup Duplichecker

8. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO contains useful tools to check your writing mistakes and errors. After you start using this tool, you will never think of how to improve English writing skills.

Some tools to check your content are Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, Word Count Checker, Spell Checker, and much more. You need just to click the testing tool for the task you want to perform.

Small Seo Tool

Suppose you want to do the plagiarism check, you have to click the Plagiarism Checker tool. Put your content in the text area given the plagiarism checker tool. It allows you to put 1000 words for each check you want to perform. If you want to test more than 1000 text content, you have to break your content into parts and check each part one by one for plagiarism.

Small SEO is the best tool to perform the plagiarism check.

For Grammar check, click the Grammar Checker tool and enter your content in the text area. It suggests your errors to perform correction for each one by one.

Similarly, like these checks, you can show the spelling mistakes and other mistakes you do while writing.

Signup Smallseotools

9. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a free online tool for proofreading and performs various tests for better English writing. You can perform grammar checks, plagiarism checks, and any other common English errors.

To check your writing errors, copy and paste the content of your blog to the website. The test will perform online to use this tool. You cannot download and perform the test.

Paperrater Logo Image

An online test gives you some writing suggestions for the mistakes you have done. Click the idea and correct your mistakes. However, the tool is not an advanced correction as of Grammarly.

Signup Paperrater

10. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is the best tool to detect copyright infringement in your blog or article content. Copyright means your content has some duplicity. If your content is not unique, you will not get any progress as a blogger. You need to write unique content, if you are a student or a teacher, you have to write unique content to write different content for others. To write exclusive content, you must have a plagiarism tool, which works with your content and finds duplicity.

Plagiarism to check plagiarism

Put your content in the plagiarism website text area box. Click the ‘Check Duplicate content’ button. It results out your duplicate content changing with other relevant content. In this way, you become a different content writer and blogger from others.

Signup Plagiarisma

11. Pro Writing Aid (Premium Website to Improve English Writing Skills)

ProWritingAid is the tool that provides you in-depth reports that help to improve your writing skills. They provide unique suggestions, articles, videos, quizzes that make writing amazing and fun. You can eliminate grammar errors and find the perfect words from the thesaurus.

ProWritingAid to improve english writing skills

Improve your writing while editing the content online and check and eliminate your bad habits of making mistakes. It comes with a free browser extension which you have to install and use this tool. You will also get its app for Windows and Mac to use directly on your OS.

Try ProWritingAid

There are many Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English. But, premium websites like this provide more professional products that you can trust.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Website to Improve English Writing Skills

There are hundreds of Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English online, but the tools listed here are our trusted and tried ones. If you are a non-native English speaker, you must try the best tool to write better English.

I recommend Grammarly to my readers as the best website to improve English writing skills. You can use its Google Chrome browser extensions free of cost to remove Grammar errors, sentence errors, and most common errors. If you want more advanced features, you can switch to its premium plans.

Click Here to Try Grammarly (It’s FREE)

I will keep updated the above list of Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English. If you are using any other best tool, please comment below. When I find it best for my audience, I will definitely add it to the above list.

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