7 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugin You Should Use

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Have you ever thought of the best free WordPress coupon plugin to attract your visitors and sell products with affiliate links? Well, Customers are always looking for discounts before buying anything online. To increase your returning visitors and convert them into encouraging users, you can convert your website into a fully functional coupon and deal website.

7 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugin Every Affiliate Marketer Should Use

Create your beautiful coupons with the below given best free coupon plugin and display them to your posts and pages and earn some money.

So, are you ready to convert your visitors into repeated customers and make money?

Let’s Start:

1. Coupon Creator (#1 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugin)

coupon creator coupon plugin

Go to Coupon Creator

Coupon creator is the best WordPress coupon plugin many users are using. You can use it to create or upload your coupon and display it on your website posts and pages using a shortcode inserter.

Also, you can set the expiration date for each coupon you have added. This gives you benefits when you want to display for a limited period of time. On the expiration of the coupon, it will not show on your website pages.

In addition to all these, if you want to assign a category to your coupons, you can do so. Assign a category to each coupon and display it to the specified one. This gives you better management of your coupons for your deals page.

2. JC Coupon (#2 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugin)

JC coupon coupon plugin

Go to JC Coupon

The JC Coupon plugin is the best WordPress coupon plugin that allows you to add coupons to your WordPress blog. The plugin has features that help you add expiry dates to coupons. The expiry dates set your coupons to not to display them when they get expired.

The plan generates shortcodes for you to add your coupons to your WordPress posts and pages. You can hide your affiliate URLs when you want to place them on your posts or pages for affiliate marketing. They masked your affiliate links and gives you more clicks from the users.

Your clicks on the coupon generated by this plugin, actually click on the affiliate and you will get some sales.

3. Magic WP Coupons – Lite (#3 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugin)

Magic WP Coupons - Lite coupon plugin

Go to Magic WP Coupons – Lite

The plugin is the best WordPress coupon plugin that can magically turn your blog into a coupon-based website. Offers your readers the most valuable discount coupon to make some affiliate sales. The plugin generates shortcodes for different stores. Generate your shortcuts and use them in your posts and pages.

You can change the look and feel of your coupons using the external CSS provided by the plugin. The plugin is compatible with almost 99% of WordPress templates.

In addition to all these, you can share your coupons generated with this plugin on your social media pages.

4. NIC Discount Coupon Management (#4 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugin)

NIC Discount Coupon Management

Go to NIC Discount Coupon Management

The plugin is the best free WordPress coupon plugin that gives you full functionality to manage all your coupons in a WordPress blog. It gives all useful functionality like setting expiry dates for coupons, auto-generates coupon codes.

Place all your coupons on posts and pages using simple shortcodes. The plugin is a custom post type for discount coupon management. Due to this, your users will get the same look as adding posts and pages.

You can add coupon images direct from the WordPress media gallery.

Moreover, you will get a custom URL setting by which you can redirect your coupons to external sites. Coupon listing can be a smoother experience for the users as it is using Ajax call, because of this all coupons will not load at once.

5. WP Coupon Widget

WP Coupon Widget

Go to WP Coupon Widget

The WordPress Coupon Widget plugin is the best free WordPress coupon plugin when you want to get some analytics of your coupon clicks. For this you need to set up user delight, the plugin sends an Ajax request for setting and you will get an API key. You to use the API key to complete your setting for the free analytics data.

The plugin allows checking the in-depth analytics on user interaction with the coupon widget.

Above all these things, there is a custom panel by which you can change the custom color setting for the coupons.

The most noteworthy thing here, you can lock the coupon to unlock after the user click button and share the coupon on their Facebook and Twitter profile. This can generate more traffic to your coupon page and you will get more clicks.

6. WP Coupons and Deals, Coupon Plugin

WP Coupons and Deals

Go to WP Coupons and Deals

The plugin allows you to create beautiful coupons and deals for your WordPress blog posts and pages. You can generate and copy the shortcode in just one click and insert the shortcode into your website. It follows on click-copy shortcode system, due to this one click of the button you will get the instant coupon code for your affiliate system.

When you display the coupons, you can put the discount text on the left side of the coupon. This helps your users to know the coupon discount well.

The expiration date will be displayed on the right side and below the discount button. When the coupon gets expired, your users will get the message that the coupon is expired. However, you can customize this too will the custom setting option of the coupon plugin.

7. Advanced Coupons For WooCommerce


Go to Advanced Coupons For WooCommerce

The Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce is a freemium coupon management system plugin loaded with features and benefits for all those store owners who wish to start or revive their coupons program. This plugin helps marketers to generate & apply coupons automatically.

With this plugin, the admin and marketers can customize their coupon codes to give their customers a more personalized feeling of their active discount campaigns. Additionally, the admin can also customize the font and background color of the coupons.

Furthermore, the admin and marketer can set expiry dates for coupons, restrict the application of coupons as and when required over selected products, import/export coupon codes, and generate coupons based on order status too. Other than sharing and using coupons via email and URLs, there are many more features that can help you boost your loyal customers count along with sales & revenue.

Conclusion: best free WordPress coupon plugin

Don’t waste your time in writing scripts, CSS, or any type of coding to display coupons on your website. Use these free coupon plugins to create and manage all your coupons. You don’t need to remember the coupon expiration dates and display and undisplayed manually. Convert your website into a fully featured coupons or deals website.

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