5 of the Best Survey Software (Compared Top 2021)

Do you want to use the best survey software for your website? There are many ways to improve your business online and survey software helps you to better know your website visitors. You can research and collect more information using survey software to find what your customers want from you.

To get more engagement and feedback from your website visitors, survey software is the best option. It helps you to get more customer insights that help you win more leads and conversions. You can easily generate more sales that can increase your revenue.

5 of the Best Survey Software

In this post, you will get 5 of the best survey software from which you need to determine which one is the best option for your business.

Let’s get started.

What is Survey Software

Survey software is useful to add survey forms to your website that is helpful to conduct a survey on your website. Survey forms help you collect information about your customer to easily convert them into leads and sales.

You can increase engagements by adding surveys and polls to get feedback and make it more fun for users. It is also useful to help your visitors find the right products for them that also gives you more sales.

The survey software provides many useful tools that help users to design any type of online survey in minutes. They also offer a built-in survey to avoid the need to develop it from scratch. You can use these pre-made survey to insert them on your website posts and pages in just a single click.

Let’s find the reason why you should use the survey software on your website.

Why You Should Use Best Survey Software

There are many reasons behind using the survey software and a few of the top reasons are given below:

  • Increase Engagement: Survey forms are the best options to interact with your audience according to their needs. Best design survey can improve engagement on your website. You can work accordingly to improve your content or provide your audience with what they want.
  • Generate More Leads: You can generate more leads by adding a button to your survey forms on your website. Survey forms are easy to help your users that also convert them into a subscriber for your website.
  • Collect Accurate Data: If you want to collect accurate requirements from your audience, survey forms are the best way to get this work for your business. You can add as many survey questions as you want from your audience to get the exact data required to easily convert them into sales.
  • Easy to Use: Survey forms are easy to design with the best survey software on your website. You have to choose the best tool that comes with easy to use interface to create the best design for your website.
  • Market Research: You can add questions based on recent market trends to find what’s working for you today.

Let’s find out which tool you should use to start creating your survey forms for your website.

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5 of the Best Survey Software

Here is the list of best survey software to install and use for your website:

1. WPForms (#1 Best Survey Software)

WPForms is the best form builder plugin for WordPress. It comes with a survey and poll addon that helps you easily create a survey form on your website.

wpforms Best Survey Software

With more than 3 million users worldwide, WPForms is the most popular and trusted plugin to create surveys. You can create any type of survey forms with WPForms easy to use drag-n-drop editor and more advanced form fields. To save your time, it provides 100+ pre-made templates to create survey form in just a single click. The pre-made form contains added form fields to generate more leads easily from it.

If you want to edit the form fields to make as per your requirements, you can add more fields with drag-n-drop features. You can also add conditions to display form fields with its smart conditional logic.

After gettings accurate data from your audience using the survey, you can check the records and feedbacks from your users using the smart report section of WPForms.

In addition to survey and poll forms for your website, you can also create other forms types like contact forms, Lead Generation Forms, Registration Forms, Payment Collection Forms, Post Submission Forms, Multi-page Forms, Signature Forms, File Upload Forms, and many other form types.

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2. Formidable Forms (#2 Best Survey Software)

Formidable Forms is the #2 best survey software that provides an easy to use survey and poll plugin for WordPress. You can easily create a survey form for your website with its easy to use drag-n-drop form editor.


With just a single click on its pre-made templates, you can add a survey form on your website and edit it with form builder. The survey form can be a custom design with its many advanced fields that helps you add any type of form fields as per your requirements. These fields create a form that collects more data from users on your website.

The smart conditional logic in Formidable Forms can easily be applied to form fields that help you ask the required question at the required time. The survey also asks the users at the end of the survey to check the records before submitting the form.

There is no coding required to create a beautifully designed survey form for your website to collect feedback from users. After you get the survey data from users, you can check the records and statistics with its smart reporting features.

You can easily create other types of forms like quizzes, registration forms, payment forms, calculator form, and many more using Formidable Forms on your website.

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3. Gravity Forms (Premium Survey Software)

Gravity Forms is the #3 survey software that provides only the premium version to the users to create survey forms. It helps you interact with your audience by creating a survey form for your website.

gravity-forms Best Survey Software

To collect feedback from users and collect more accurate data to make decisions, Gravity Forms provides seamless integration with limitless capabilities. You can create advanced survey forms with more advanced form fields using its easy to use UI design.

There are many survey advanced form fields available with Gravity Forms. You can add checkboxes, dropdowns, and other form fields to add questions to your survey forms. You can add many choices with questions to get more researched data from your audience.

You can also enable the conditional logic with your survey forms to apply advanced conditions with each survey form fields. The notifications can also be set with the forms to give notifications to participants on form submission.

In addition to this, Gravity Forms is also useful to create other form types like Registration Forms, Payment Collection Forms, File Upload Forms, Calculation Forms, Post Creation Forms, and more. It can also be integrated with Email Marketing Platforms, Payment Collection Platforms, and more.

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4. Google Forms

Google Forms is the most simple yet useful software to create a survey form for your website. It comes with a simple to use interface with very light features to create beginner’s friendly forms.


To start creating a survey form for your website, you need to signup with it using your Gmail account. After that, you will be taken to a page where you can design your forms.

You can start with a blank template to add form fields and create a simple survey form. You can also select a pre-made template for customer feedback to get basic form fields to get feedback from your customers.

It provides a template gallery where you can find a customer feedback form that contains simple input boxes and a field to select choices. You can also add as many fields as you want as per your requirements.

After creating the form, you can easily embed anywhere using a shortcode generated after creating the survey form. You can also check responses from your customers with survey forms and analyze the reports easily.

In addition to the survey forms, you can also create many other form types like Contact Forms, Registration Forms, Order Forms, Job Application Forms, and more.

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5. SurveyMonkey

This list is incomplete without SurveyMonkey as it one of the popular survey software to create survey forms. It comes with easy to use interface to design your survey forms for market research to collect reliable data.


You can easily create simple to advanced survey forms with SurveyMonkey in minutes. It helps you improve your business by conducting surveys on your website to get customer’s feedback.

It provides useful tools and features to easily create and customize forms. You can also select pre-designed form templates to create forms in just a single click. It is survey software that provides a great experience for users to create forms without any technical knowledge.

After getting the feedback from your customers, you can easily analyze the survey data using the SurveyMonkey reports section.

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Conclusion: Which is the Best Choice for Businesses?

You need to use a survey software that gives 100% responsive forms, drag-n-drop builder, beautiful looking pre-made templates, advanced form fields, and conditional logic to build any type of survey forms to get feedback from users.

Out of the above list of survey software, I recommend you to go with WPForms as you can easily create survey forms and many other form types with it. It comes with a drag-n-drop builder, 100+ pre-made templates, integration of forms with your favorite apps for email marketing and payment collection.

WPForms also provides many advanced form fields Likert scale, Signature, Star rating, and more. The conditional logic in WPForms helps you to add any type of questions to your survey forms to get maximum feedback from users.

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I hope this post helps you to easily find your best survey software for your website. If you have any queries regarding the post given above, please comment below.

Also tell me, which platform you are using to create your survey forms for your website? do comment below.

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