Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging with two websites WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. Using by more than 35% websites in the world, WordPress is the most trusted platform to start a blog.

You don’t know what’s the differences between the WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. If you are new and want to start your WordPress blog, you may get confused with the two websites of WordPress choosing which one is better for you.

Here in this post, I will show you which one is the best option to choose for your blogging career.

What is WordPress.com?

In this platform, your blog is hosted and managed on WordPress.com. You cannot install themes, plugins, and only WordPress will take care of all the stuff.

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Features of WordPress.com

  • Your blog actually placed on the subdomain of WordPress.com.
  • It provides a limited space of 3GB to run your site.
  • You have to upgrade to its premium plan to get more space which costs you more.
  • You cannot own your website and its data to create for your business
  • WordPress ads are automatically displaying on all your blog content.
  • WordPress earns all the money from the ads and you cannot place your ads to earn money.
  • The customization of your blogging site is not allowed. You have to upgrade your plan to make customizations as per your needs.

So, it provides a limited facility to grow your site in the long run.

What is WordPress.org?

It is a FREE open-source content management software to easily manage your website or blog. You have to choose your domain and in-house it to a hosting account in order to use this software. It can be easily managed by anyone owning the website as it is a self-hosted WordPress blog.

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You can easily install themes, plugins to add more features to your website. It provides much better customization options and you can easily do anything whatever you want.

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WordPress.org websites can easily monetize for your business to earn money by placing your ads.

If you are ready to get started? We recommend HostGator as the best place to launch your website. It is the largest hosting provider with more than 8 million website already hosted. They also offer a FREE domain name if you buy a hosting plan of 1 year from them.

How to Create Your WordPress.org Website

You need two things to create a WordPress.org blog or self-hosted WordPress blog. These two thing are domain name and a WordPress hosting. A domain name is the name of your website address, it can be your brand name like Tutorialdeep.com. WordPress hosting is the place where you in-house your website files on the internet.

If you have decided to create your website? We recommend to read our Beginners Guide on how to start a WordPress blog.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? or Need help to Setup your blog. Let us help you set up your blog with our FREE WordPress Blog Setup Service.

Sum up the Difference Between WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

WordPress.com WordPress.org
It is not a self-hosted platform. It is a self-hosted platform.
You are hosted on a subdomain of WordPress.com. You are the owner of the website and hosted on a web server.
To add more features, you need to upgrade your plan. You can easily install themes and plugins to add more features to your website.
Limitation to customize your website and need to upgrade the plan. No limitations to customize your website.

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