How to Start WordPress Blog – A Step-by-Step Guide

Start Wordpress Blog

If you want to start WordPress blog, then you are at right place. WordPress is the best blogging platform to start your blog and easily manage from one single dashboard. It’s really simple to create a WordPress blog with the step-by-step guide given in this post.

When I started, I had a little knowledge about blogs. I don’t know how to start a blog. It’s too confusing for me finding the right steps to follow. That’s why I created this guide for beginners.

Why You Should Start A Blog

There can be many reason behind this few are given below:

  • Make money online from home
  • Share your knowledge
  • Make online presence
  • Earn passive income
  • Become Famous and popular

Without wasting your time, let’s find out the steps you need to create your WordPress blog given in the table of content below.

So, Are you ready to start your blog today? If yes, then let’s get started.

Step 1. Find your niche

If you want to become a successful blogger and writer, you will have to choose the niche in which you have highest form of knowledge. You should have many topics in your mind that you can write on your blog to make it grow better.

If you want to sell your product or someone product. You can also make a review blog. A review blog contains a review of different products with some referral links. On clicking these links a blogger can earn some money as a commission.

A blog cannot become successful without making any money. Think about your blog as an online business. Choose the niche where you can create content and monetize it to earn money.

Select niche which you have the knowledge and you know wmany topics to create content. This can be helpful in future when you want to monetize your blog to earn money.

Step 2. Get A Domain Name and Hosting

After you have decided to start your blog with the selected niche. You need a domain name matching to your niche. A domain name is the web address you choose for your blog like our blog name

Choose a domain name end with .com because it is the most trusted domain on the web. A standard domain is a .com domain.

HostGator best option to start WordPress blog for beginners. With more than 8 million websites already hosted, 24/7 available support team, and 45 days money back guarantee, they are the most trusted hosting provider company

Disclosure: At Tutorialdeep, we believe in transparency for our users. If you buy domain name and hosting from HostGar, we will earn some commission with no extra cost to you, infact it saves your money with free domain name. We recommend it because these are our trusted brands.

Let’s go ahead to get your Domain name and Hosting.

Open the Hostgator website in the new window.

Now, first of all you need to click the Web Hosting option of the menus.

how to start your wordpress blog

Here, you can see there are three shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans are best for beginners who want to start their blog at very low prices. After your website traffic increases and you earn some money, you can upgrade to other plans.

My recommended plan is baby plan, because with this plan you can start your website and in future, if you want to start more websites, you can do so with this plan.
how to start your wordpress blog
Enter your choosen domain name here and find out if the domain name is available to buy at the time. Many times it happens to bloggers that they delay for sometime to buy their choosen domain. The choosen domain may be taken by the other person and you may lost your choosen domain within minutes.

So, don’t delay while purchasing your choosen domain name.
how to start your wordpress blog

Choose your best plan here. My recommended plan is baby plan which you will get with 63% discount if you buy it from above link given in this page or use this link.

The discount will apply for the purchase of hosting for 3 years. The discount will not work if you buy hosting for less than 3 years. Why not go for 3 years, Google gives more preference in search engine to the domain and hosting taken for longer years.
how to start your wordpress blog
Enter your billing details and creadit cart info. You can also pay using the payal account.

If you have chosen credit card card payment ooption, fill all your card details required for payment.
how to start your wordpress blog
In the additional field, leave all field unchecked. Because they are not required if you are a beginner and just going to start to start your blog.

After you start getting enough traffic to earn some money, you can opt for these settings in future. But for noe ,leave all these setting unchecked.
how to start your wordpress blog

The coupon code is not required if you purchase it from one of our link given in this page. But if you have any coupon code, you can apply by entering the cooupon code and pressing the validate button.

how to start your wordpress blog

Accept the privacy policy and terms of conditions and click checkout to complete the purchase.

how to start your wordpress blog

Step 3. Install WordPress Blogging Platform

So, You have a domain and hosting to make your website live. Now it’s time to select a platform by which you can easily manage your blog. I recommend WordPress as a blogging platform for all the bloggers.

WordPress is the most trusted almost using by more than 35% websites worldwide. It is open source (available for free) with lots of customizing options.

Open your Cpanel and check “Top Application”. You can see WordPress there. Click this installer for WordPress.

how to start your wordpress blog

You just need to click on install button and enter some details as below.

how to start your wordpress blog

Enter the domain name you want your WordPress to get installed on it.

If you want to install your WordPress to a specified folder, then enter the folder name “In Directory” input box.

how to start your wordpress blog

The next screen is the login details. These login details you use at the time when you want to login to your WordPress.

Enter your admin username and password for WordPress login.

how to start your wordpress blog

In the site setting section, put your blog name. This can be the title for your blog. Enter your site description, Useful when you want your user to understand your website.

how to start your wordpress blog

Next screen is the database section where you can enter your database name.

how to start your wordpress blog

Click on plus sign of advanced section and enter your database name.

how to start your wordpress blog

Now it’s time to click on install button to complete WordPress installation. Your WordPress is ready to work for your blog. Let’s create your blog by selecting WordPress themes.

Step 4. Find Right Theme For Your Blog

After you install WordPress to your hosting, you will get the default theme activated and showing when you visit the site as given below.

how to start your wordpress blog

need the best theme for your blog. WordPress bundled with some default themes. But these themes are not easily customizable. That’s why you need a theme that you can easily customize and design as per your need.

Don’t use free themes

Why you should not use free themes for your blog. Free themes are updated regularly. If you want support for customization of your theme, free themes are not giving you this. An updated and well-coded theme is required to for your blog to guarantee the security of your blog.

If you buy premium themes, You will get well coded and well-documented theme. These themes are updated regularly. The theme providers will give regular updates and security to your blog. You will get support when you are in a need of help with your theme.

Some of our trusted and recommended theme providers:

Step 5. Customize Your WordPress Blog Design and Add Pages

how to start your wordpress blog

how to start your wordpress blog

Add Website Logo, Site Title, Tagline and Favicon

how to start your wordpress blog

Add Website Logo

how to start your wordpress blog

Add Site Title and Tags

how to start your wordpress blog

Add Favicon

how to start your wordpress blog

Create About us and Contact Pages

Add a Menu to the Header

Change Your Blog Footer

Step 6. Add Blog Post and Optimize for SEO

how to start your wordpress blog
how to start your wordpress blog
how to start your wordpress blog
how to start your wordpress blog

Step 8. Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online


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  1. Inmotion is a little bit expensive for me to Start WordPress website can you help me to find any cheap alternative for it

    1. If you have decided to buy a domain name and hosting. You can go with other domain name provider Bluehost . It is the oldest hosting provider most recommended by WordPress official website, which can provide you free domain name and a hosting at a discounted price.

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