How To Quickly Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

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Are you looking to make your Google Analytics CCPA compliant?

Google Analytics is the free and most popular analytics tool to track your traffic and analyze your visitors. It is using by millions of websites to know their visitor’s behavior and improve content to get more conversions.

But, it collects the personal information of your audiences like IP address, userID, device, browser, gender, age, and other personal information to identify the users. This tracking behavior of Google Analytics can get you into trouble as it doesn’t meet CCPA compliant.

How To Quickly Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

If you are using WordPress, it’s very easy for you to make your website CCPA compliance using MonsterInsights plugin.

In this post, you will learn how to quickly make your Google Analytics CCPA compliant.

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What is CCPA Compliant?

The full form of CCPA is California Consumers Protection Act. It is the cookie law that applies in 2018 by the state of California, US to protect the personal information of its citizens. California’s government passed this law to protect consumer privacy.

The CCPA law went into effect on 1 January 2020. According to this law, any service cannot collect personal information of California citizens like name, email, IP address, and any other personal information that comes under this law.

Legal Disclaimer: Due to the dynamic nature of websites, no single plugin can offer 100% legal compliance. Please consult a specialist internet law attorney to determine if you comply with all applicable laws for your jurisdictions and your use cases. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice.

Rights of California Citizens Under CCPA

According to the CCPA law, California citizens have the rights to:-

  • Know what personal information any service collects about them.
  • Know whether the website or any service collect, sell, disclose, and share their personal information and to whom.
  • To say no to sale their personal information
  • Erase their personal information from a website.
  • Get equal services and price as other consumers.

Who Should Follow CCPA Compliant?

If your services do business in California for-profit and meet the following conditions:-

  • The annual gross revenue of your business is $25 million or more.
  • Generate 50% or more of its annual revenue by selling the personal information of California consumers.
  • Annually buys or receives, sells, and shares the personal information of 50,000 or more California consumers, devices, or households.

Why You Should Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to analyze your website traffic. But, it is not CCPA compliant as it works by assigning userId to your visitors and collect personal information like IP address, age, gender, device, and other personal information to identify them.

Many companies using Google Analytics to analyze their visitors and improve their website traffic. However, this comes under violating CCPA law and you may face penalties.

If you are violating the law, you may have to face penalties as given below:-

  • Up to $7,500 per violation per individual for intentional violation.
  • Up to $200 per violation per individual for unintentional violation.
  • If the user files a lawsuit, it may penalize in the range between $100 to $750 per consumer per incident, or the actual damage (whichever is greater).

However, you don’t need to disable your Google Analytics as it is helpful for any business to get useful metrics of your website. You can make easy changes to make your Google Analytics CCPA compliant

Follow the step-by-step process given below to make your Google Analytics CCPA compliant.

How to Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

To make your Google Analytics CCPA compliant, you can use MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. With more than 2,000,000 users, it is the #1 Google Analytics plugin trusted by professionals to connect with Google Analytics in WordPress.

MonsterInsights is the best plugin in WordPress that helps you to easily connect with Google Analytics. After that, you can easily find all your traffic on your WordPress dashboard. It is one of the best options to start analyzing your website traffic to know your visitors. You can use its EU addon to make Google Analytics CCPA compliant in WordPress.

Follow the steps given below to make your Google Analytics CCPA compliant:-

Step 1: Signup and Create Account with MonsterInsights

First of all, open the MonsterInsights homepage to create an account.

➜ Click Here to Go to MonsterInsights Homepage

On the homepage, click ‘Get MonsterInsights Now’ to start creating an account with MonsterInsights.

It will open the pricing page of MonsterInsights where you have to choose a plan for your account. Every plan of MonsterInsights comes with an EU compliance addon that makes your website CCPA compliance.

You can choose the lowest plan which is ‘Plus’ plan that costs you $99.50/year.

However, I recommend you to choose the ‘Pro’ plan that provides all the essential features at one single package. The ‘Pro’ plan can give you huge results with everything you need to easily analyze and grow your online business.

The founder is very confident about their product and its features, If you are not satisfied with the MonsterInsights features over the next 14-days, they will happily refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.

So, all the premium version of MonsterInsights comes with a satisfaction guarantee. See the image below showing the 100% no-risk double-guarantee from the founder of the plugin.

After you click on the ‘Get Started’ button page in the pricing page above, a page will open where you have to enter your account information like name, email, and phone number.

Enter your payment details and click the ‘Complete Checkout’ button to complete the purchase.

After that, login to your email account to confirm and verify your email and complete creating your MonsterInsights account.

Step 2: Install MonsterInsights Plugin and Connect with Google Analytics

After you have done with creating your MonsterInsights account, login to your WordPress admin to install the MonsterInsights plugin.

To install the MonsterInsights plugin, visit WordPress menu option Plugins >> Add New and search for the plugin as showing below.

Click on the ‘Install Now’ button as indicated above to install and activate the plugin.

After that, follow the step-by-step process to connect with Google Analytics using MonsterInsights in the guide whose link is given below. After that, return to this page and read further to follow other steps.

Follow this guide to Connect with GA ➔ How to Connect with Google Analytics in WordPress

Let’s start installing the EU addon to make your website CCPA compliance.

Step 3: Install and Activate MonsterInsights EU Compliance Addon

After you have done connecting your Google Analytics with your WordPress website, you need to install the EU addon that adds the CCPA compliance features to your WordPress website.

To install the EU addon, go to the WordPress dashboard menu option Insights >> Addons.

It will open a page where you will get all the MonsterInsights addons. Scroll down to find the EU addon, click the ‘Install’ button given under the EU addon to install and activate it on your WordPress website.

Step 4: Make Engagement Settings For EU Compliance

After you have done with installing the EU addon, go to the WordPress dashboard menu option Insights >> Settings.

A page will open where you have to click the Engagement tab to get EU addon settings.

Now, Scroll down to get the EU compliance setting options. Here, you can change and disable the different tracking features of Google Analytics to make it CCPA complaint.

The above image showing the various setting options under the EU addon. You can apply them by clicking on the radio button given with each feature as above. If you want to get more details about these features, you can click the info icon() given with each option.

Step 5: Create an Opt-out Consent Box

After you have done with setting up MonsterInsights and it’s EU addon, you start creating an opt-out consent box. To make your website CCPA compliance, one of the rights of California users is that they can opt-out from sharing their data with third parties.

You can easily create an opt-out box using the free WordPress plugins like CookieBot or Cookie Notice. These two plugins come with built-in features to easily create an opt-out consent box and integrate it with MonsterInsights.

Out of these two plugins, CookieBot plugin is a simple cookie consent solution that scans your website for cookies. It also creates a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link on the cookie declaration for end-users to opt-out from sharing their data with third parties. This declaration makes sure that your website is CCPA compliant.

Step 6: Update Your Privacy Policy

As you have added an opt-out consent box on your WordPress website above, it also required to update your privacy policy. According to CCPA, California citizens have the rights to be informed.

It can be done by adding details about the uses of Google Analytics on your website. You have to describe what personal information Google Analytics collects about your audience. Explain the purpose of collecting your visitor’s data, how you process them, and if you share it with any third party services.

Also, include the different cookies you are using to track the personal information of your visitors. You also need to describe the process that users can take when they want to access to see their stored data. Also, mention how they can erase their personal information from your website.


Every website that is using Google Analytics comes under CCPA compliance law. You must consider using the best solution for your website that helps you easily make your website CCPA compliance.

MonsterInsights is the best solution for every WordPress users to easily install and make your Google Analytics CCPA compliance. It comes with all the features with the EU addon that helps easily disable tracking features with the opt-out consent box.

➜ Click Here to Get MonsterInsights

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