How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress by MonsterInsights

Are you looking to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website?

To grow your blog, you should track your traffic and analyze your visitors. Knowing your visitors is the key point to improve your content and get more conversions.

If you are using WordPress, it’s very easy for you to install Google Analytics using the MonsterInsights plugin.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress by MonsterInsights

In this post, you will learn how to signup Google analytics and install it on your WordPress website.

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What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to analyze traffic stats. If you are a blogger or any website owner, you should know your audience to increase traffic and conversions.

You can easily achieve your goals after analyzing your website visitors. Improve your content with the analytics data and behavior of your traffic. It provides you pagewise site speed data to improve your website performance. Website speed is now the major factor in Google to get more traffic.

Google Analytics Homepage showing Real Time Reports

Realtime traffic reports, Analysing traffic, conversions, campaigns and visitor’s behavior are the main features of Google Analytics. All you have to do is to connect your website with Google Analytics.

If you are using WordPress, you can easily connect your website with the easy steps given below.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Follow the steps given below to properly install Google Analytics on your WordPress website.

Step 1: Signup with Google Analytics

First of all, you have to create an account on Google Analytics.

To create an account, open Google Analytics and sign in using your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create using the link ‘Create account’ as given in the image below.

If you already have a Gmail account, you have to enter your email id in the input box and click the ‘Next’ button. After that, enter your Gmail account password to log in.

Gmail login page

A welcome page of Google Analytics is opened as given in the image below. Here, you have to click the button ‘Start measuring’ to create an account on Google Analytics.

install Google Analytics page

Fill your account name which is the required field as indicated in the image below.

After that, you will get four checkboxes here. Leave them as it is and click the button ‘Next’ to open the next section.

Create account on Google Analytics

Here, you have to choose what do you want to measure using Google Analytics. Select the first option which is the option with the name ‘Web’. This option measures your website to provide all analytics data.

Click the ‘Next’ button to proceed further to fill your property details.

Click measure to create account on Google Analytics

You have to provide property details which are the details of your website. Provide your website name, URL, and category that best matches your website content.

Also, select the timezone to get the analytics data according to your country’s time.

Add property details to create account on Google Analytics

Click the ‘Create’ button given in the above image to complete creating a Google Analytics account.

You will get the first lookup of Google Analytics as given in the image below.

First page after creating account on Google Analytics

It contains your website tracking Id and tracking code to paste to the header part of your website. However, if you are following all the steps given here, you don’t need to manually paste the tracking code to the head part of your website.

Step 2: Install MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

After you have done signing up with Google Analytics, you have to install the MonsterInsights plugin. With more than 2 million users, MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics plugin to grow your business with confidence.

By using this MonsterInsights, you can easily connect your website with Google Analytics. You can find all your traffic analytics data right on your WordPress website dashboard. So, it’s the best choice to start analyzing your website traffic to know your visitors.

MonsterInsights plugin homepage

MonsterInsights comes with the free and premium version. The MonsterInsights premium version offers more features like eCommerce tracking, page scroll tracking, Google Ads tracking, Forms tracking, and many more.

Step 3: Connect Your WordPress Website with Google Analytics

After you install the plugin, go to WordPress dashboard menu option Insights >> Settings.

Install Google Analytics by opening MonsterInsights settings page

Here, you will find the various setting options like General, Engagement, eCommerce(premium), Publisher, Conversions(premium), and Advanced. To connect with Google Analytics, you have to open the ‘General’ setting option.

Opening the setup wizard is the fastest method to properly configure the MonsterInsights plugin. Click the ‘Launch Setup Wizard’ button as given in the image below.

Run Setup wizard to install Google Analytics on WordPress

A setup wizard gets started to properly connect to Google Analytics.

Here, you have to select the option that best describes your website category. After you select the option, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

Select your website category on MonsterInsights

Let’s now connect with Google Analytics by clicking on the ‘Connect MonsterInsights’ button. It will take you to the MonsterInsights website to connect to Google Analytics.

Connect MonsterInsights with Google Analytics

Here, you have to log in to your Google Analytics account that you have created above.

Enter your username and password and allow MonsterInsights to access your Google Analytics account. This will fetch all your website traffic analytics data from Google Analytics to display on WordPress.

Allo Google Analytics connection

You will get a page where you have to select your website profile. Select your Google Analytics profile to allow MonsterInsights to fetch for generating reports.

Select your profile to connect MOnsterInsights

Click the ‘Complete Connection’ button to complete connecting to Google Analytics.

Make all the settings for MonsterInsights to see reports on your WordPress website. By default, MonsterInsights provides some recommended settings which you can change as per your requirements.

Check all recommended setting on MonsterInsights

If you are done with all the settings as per your requirements, you can click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to proceed further.

MonsterInsights also provides some useful addons to check more advanced reports. To get all these features, you have to install the MonsterInsights Pro plugin addons to get more tracking features.

Install all recommended add-onns of MonsterInsights

If you want to grow your website positively, you can add all these premium add-ons on your website. After that click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to proceed further.

Finalize to all set with connection to Google Analytics using MonsterInsights

You are now all set and ready to use the MonsterInsights on your website. Click the ‘Finish Setup & Exit Wizard’ button to exit from the MonsterInsights setup wizard.

Check Analytics Reports on WordPress

Now, let’s see how you can check all the reports on your WordPress website using MonsterInsights. Open your dashboard and go to the dashboard menu option Insights >> Reports page

Here, there are many reports you can check and analyze your website traffic. Let’s see each report whose descriptions are given below.

You will get a graph that contains the Pageviews and session reports on your website. This report is useful to know the daily page views of your website. See the screenshot given below.

Check graph report to see pageviews and sessions report

After the above report, you will get New VS Returning and Device Breakdown reports. See the image below showing the reports.

Check new and returning visitors as well as device breakdowns

The left-hand side of the above image showing the New VS Returning visitors. It’s useful when you want to know the popularity of your website. The more the number of returning visitors, the more popular is your website. This can be useful when you want to retain more visitors and improve your content.

The right-hand side of the above report contains the Breakdown Device report. It displays the traffic percentage on various devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Check top 10 countries and referrals reports on WordPress using MonsterInsights

You can also check the country wise reports and referral reports. The country-wise report is useful to know the popularity of your website in different countries. Here, you will find the traffic counts for the top 10 countries.

The referral report showing the websites from where you get more traffic. It can be from a social media website or any other website.

The above image showing the top 10 countries and referral reports of your website. You can easily find in the above image that the website getting more traffic from the United States. It also displays that the website Bing is the most traffic provider referral website.


Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze your website traffic. You can better know your audience and their behavior.

If you are using WordPress, we recommend a beginner to use MonsterInsights Plugin to install Google Analytics on your website. It’s the best method to connect your website with Google Analytics without touching any codes.

To make your website more successful, analyzing your website traffic is the most valuable data for you. All you have to do is to use the MonsterInsights #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

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