How to Auto-share old blog posts to Social Media

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Auto-sharing of blog posts is the process of scheduling your blog posts in the required interval of time. You can auto-share new blog posts or auto-share old blog posts to social media sites.

Scheduling is the later timings you have decided at which your post will get shared on facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites.

If you are running a blog or website, you need to work with old blog posts and make them useful for the readers to get more traffic. For this reason, you need to use WordPress available plugin to auto-share old blog posts and help you promote your old posts.

Why You Need to Auto-share Share Old Blog Posts to Social Networking Sites

Auto-share old blog posts to social media websites to make them fresh and alive. By making your posts share automatically you don’t need to put extra-human efforts each time you want to share your posts. This saves your time and extra workload to promote your blog.

benefits of sharing old blog posts:

Increase your traffic: By sharing your old posts to social networking sites, one can increase their blog traffic. Traffic is the main part of a blog to make any blog successful. If you don’t have any traffic, you cannot survive with your blog. Sharing your blog posts on social networking sites can help you boost your traffic.

Promote your blog posts: To promote your blog, you need to share it socially. Share your blog to main social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. There are billions of traffic each day coming to these websites. By sharing your blog to these sites, you get a chance to reveal your blog posts to many viewers in single done. People come to know your blog and your blog is not new for anyone after that.

Make you a brand in social sites: Create your brand page in Facebook and create blog name account in twitter and starts sharing your blog posts. The pages with the name of your blog, make you popular if you share regular quality content and evergreen content. You will get a brand name with the name of the pages you have created.

Increase the popularity of your blog: Auto-share old blog posts and new posts can increase the popularity of your blog. If people like your posts they will come again to your website and makes your blog popular. In that manner, you can increase your returning visitors which in future can convert into customers.

Make your old posts fresh and live: Fresh content is the content which is new or updated. By auto-share old blog posts to social networking sites can make your old posts alive and fresh. You can make your old posts to new every time you share them with social sites with some new modifications.

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How To Auto-share Old Blog Posts To Social Media

You can auto-share old blog posts to social media using the Revive Old Post plugin. The plugin is simple to use and easy to configure. You need to only connect your social media networks with it after installation and activation of the plugin and the plugin starts its work immediately.

Auto-share old blog posts revive old blog posts plugin image

However, there are two versions free and the pro version of the plugin available. The pro version of the plugin automatically shares all your blog posts to social media sites.Pro version gives you the following advanced features:

  • Connect multiple social accounts for facebook, twitter, and others.
  • Autoshare custom post types and other post types.
  • post with featured image.

The free version only allows you to connect single facebook and twitter account. You can auto-share your old blog posts for only WordPress inbuilt posts types and not for custom post types.

For all features, you have to use the pro version of the plugin. The plugin costs you a $59/yearly price for the single site. However, this is the only one plugin available in the WordPress plugin market for this task but the price is considerable with very little costs yearly.

After you download and install activate the plugin, You can do many useful settings to share your posts in the particular interval of time automatically.
Go to Revive Old Post>>Revive Old Post to visit the setting page of the plugin.

open the revive old posts menu image

In the account settings, you can select and configure all the social media accounts to auto-share automatically. For this, you need to connect each social media accounts one by one using the instructions given with the plugin.

Click each account and complete the configuration. You can connect multiple accounts with the pro version of the plugin.
open the revive old posts account settings page image
Open the general settings of the plugin to set the interval of time to share your blog posts. Choose the number of posts you want to share at once. Select the post types you want to share from and exclude the category you don’t want to share from. Now, save your all general settings you did.

Select the post types you want to share and exclude the category you don’t want to share from. Now, save your all general settings you did.

open the revive old posts general settings page image
In the posts format setting, you can configure the setting for posts content, length of the post you want to share, etc.

You can choose the URL shortener to share the shortened URL of your blog posts using the bitly, shortest. revive and others URL shorteners.

You can also select the image you want to share with the posts which is available only for the pro version users.
revive old posts format settings page image
If you want some posts to select and do not want to auto-share them, you need to go to Revive Social Posts>>Exclude Posts.

This will take you to the exclude posts settings page.

revive old posts exclude posts settings page image
Now, Select the posts you don’t want to auto-share to the social media sites.

Here, you can search for the particular post and include it to the exclude posts list.
revive old posts exclude page options

Once you made all these settings, your old post will automatically get shared the connected social media accounts. You don’t need to take any headache of posting your posts individually. Revive social posts plugin will do it for all your blog posts.

The plugin also comes with the pro version which allows you to connect the multiple social accounts and multiple social pages. It also allows you to configure social sharing for the custom post types.

There is no other WordPress plugin available to auto-share old blog posts, but here some useful websites you can use to auto-share your blog posts:

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