Whether you are a beginner or you are a professional. This tutorial is for everyone where you can learn web design online with simple examples and live demo.

HTML is a HyperText Markup Language widely used by many web developers to create web pages. The combination of these web pages makes a complete website which you can make live. By using HTML, you can add images, tables, lists and other elements required to create a static website.

HTML Tutorial: A Beginners Guide

There are many other elements available in HTML like HTML forms. You can add different form elements in the forms like inputbox, radio button, checkboxes and submit button. These forms can give you user input data on submission of the forms. HTML create a static website to store in the web server or local server. However, you can create an interactive dynamic website by using the scripting languages like Javascript, JQuery and PHP.

Key Points of HTML

  • Full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language
  • The creator of HTML is Berners-Lee in the year 1991.
  • You can use many text Editors like Sublime, Notepad++, etc. to create and edit web pages.
  • HTML pages can be execute in all the major Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

You can also learn these scripting languages on this website in the other Tutorials. You can also take benefits from The Digital HTML Cheat Sheet.

HTML Reference

There are many HTML tags which you have to learn in the HTML reference chapter. The tags are useful for creating many other elements of HTML. So, don’t forget to learn all HTML tags given in sequence.

Tip: If you are a beginner and want to learn HTML completely. You should start learning each HTML tags and also learn how to use them. Move forward with the HTML reference and check each tags day-by-day.

Visit HTML references Chapter

HTML Examples and Free Code Downloads

Learn HTML from the chapters given in this tutorial to learn HTML coding. Each chapter contains many useful examples with the live output which you can check and test. After each example, you will get useful live demo example and code to download on your local computer and use on your projects.

Note: The free download is a file which contains the useful HTML codes you can use on your projects. It contains HTML codes and linked CSS and JS files to makes code working.Download files as per your requirement and uses.

HTML elements are the main building blocks of HTML web pages. Check out all the chapters given below to learn each and every part of HTML in detail with useful examples.

Complete List of Step-by-step HTML Tutorial

Click each chapter one-by-one to Learn HTML and get the useful examples, live demo and downloads.

HTML Form View More

The HTML form tag is used to add a form to your website and get user input data. A user

HTML script View More

To make your website dynamic you need to add an HTML script tag to your web pages. The tag adds

HTML Style View More

HTML style tag is used inside HTML webpages to include the inline CSS. The inline CSS gives styling to the

HTML Iframes View More

HTML Iframes are used to show the webpage inside a webpage. This is useful when you don’t want to develop

HTML Bold Text View More

There are two tags for HTML bold text and these tags are <b> and <strong>. However, there are a few


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