HTML Heading

HTML heading are the tags you can use in webpages to show your headings , Titles and subtitles.There are six heading tags start from h1 to end counting to h6. These six HTML tags are the levels of headings. You can check the levels by the size of these tags. h1 is of largest size and h6 is of very smallest size you can use as per your requirement.



There are six HTML Heading tags

HTML h1 Heading tag

HTML h2 Heading tag

HTML h3 Heading tag

HTML h4 Heading tag

HTML h5 Heading tag
HTML h6 Heading tag

Advantages of heading tags

  • HTML Heading tags when you use in displaying the basic structure webpages.
  • These tags serve as the titles and heading.
  • Search Engine gives priority to the keywords included in heading tags