What Is The Meaning of Markup Language in HTML

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To use HTML, you must know the meaning of the markup language. There is various markup language which you can learn in the tutorial given here. Learn each part of the language with live examples and results.

Every webpage today online are the good examples of markup language. HTML is a popular language to create a webpage or website. You can also learn HTML from the starting HTML introduction part.

What is the Meaning of Markup Language

A markup language is a computer language to create web pages. Markup means it uses tags to define elements and add information. It is not a programming language contains typical syntax to create a webpage.

There are many standard markup languages which use tags to create a webpage. A typical markup language contains the text within the tags. For example, below is the HTML paragraph tag within which simple text is enclosed.


This is the simple text within the paragraph tag.

The above example showing the text information within the opening(<p>) and closing(</p>) tag. The paragraph tag contains the less than(<) and greater(>) sign to create a markup language tag element.

List of Markup Languages

There are many markup languages, developers, using to create information on the webpage. Check below are the markup languages with its examples.

1. HTML(HyperText Markup Language): An HTML is the most popular language to create a webpage online. If you think on a webpage, HTML will definitely click your mind.

You can create simple information online using HTML. Add images using the language and by using the HTML image tag and place the URL of the images. Create tables, lists, codes in the webpage easily using HTML.

In addition to all these, you can also add forms to get user input data. There are many HTML form elements you can use to create a useful form whose example is given below.

See live demo of HTML Form and download script below to use the complete code.

Live Demo of HTML Form to show meaning of markup language in HTML

2. XML(Extensible Markup Language): A XML is using by many developers today to create self-descriptive documents. The tags in XML are not predefined and the tags are the creation of the author. You can create a tag with any name as you want. There is no foundation to have a limited number of tags.

You can use the above format to create any type of information using the XML. Describe comparison data for any products you want to sell using XML language.

Difference Between Markup and Programming Language

The differences between the markup language and the programming language are given below.

A markup language can be created using tag elements while there are no such tags in programming tags. Programming language contains commands to create procedures.

You can understand the markup language easily as it is human readable and machine readable. The only computer can understand the programming language and is difficult for the human to read and understand.

Developers can use markup language to present data without the execution of any action. While programming language needs some action to perform the task.

There are head, metadata, title, and body to create a webpage. However, to create a program, you have to add some library, create class, create member data and member functions.

It’s not possible to interact with hardware using markup language. However, you can interact with the hardware using the low-level and high-level programming language.


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