The HTML form tag is used to add a form to your website and get user input data. A user input data can be the name, email and the query message from the user.

You can add a newsletter to your blog using a form to get the email id of the user. After you get an email, you can fire blog posts daily to your subscribers.


For Example:

This is the example for attribute enctype, you can use this example to upload form data in format of files.

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List of HTML form tag attributes

Sr. No. form atribute options Description
1 action action URL contains the location of the script file that handles the form data.
2 method An HTTP method GET and POST can be used when submitting the form data.
3 target The target attribute ise used when you want visitors to run the script in the new or same window. The values of this attribute are _blank, _self, _parent, _top.
4 enctype enctype attribute is used when you want to upload files like image, doc etc. Use valus mutlipart/form-data. for this.

List of HTML form Elements

Sr. No. tags
1 <Input> Define input control inside the form. This is of various types like text, email, checkbox etc. Checkout HTML input tag for more details.
3 <button> A clickable button can be define using this tag. Checkout HTML button tag to learn more about this.
4 <option> HTML option tag is used to show selectable options.
5 <label> When you want to show labels for form elements, you use HTML label tag.
6 <textarea> To get message from users, a multiline input text is required. Use HTML textarea tag to to do this.