HTML Italic Text

There are two tags to make HTML italic text and these tags are <i> and <em>. But, there are few differences between these two tags which you can check at the end of this post. However, you can use them to make text italic for formatting in HTML.

<i> tag to Make HTML Italic Text

You have to put content inside the starting tag <i> and closing tag </i>. It is the styling tag of HTML to make text italic.

If you want to make text stand out from other content in HTML. You can use HTML italic tag to create an italic text which people can easily identify from other content.

Now, let’s check the syntax of the <i> to use it on your HTML content.

<i>Enter text here…<i>

By using the above syntax, you can easily add an italic text inside any HTML content.


Test it Live


This is an Italic text

The example showing all the content as italic. However, you have to make only those content italic which you want to highlight from others. The contents are slightly aligned by increasing its angle to some extent.

<em> tag For Emphasis of Text

In addition to the above i tag, you can also make text italic by using the HTML <em> tag. However, the <em> tag is not an styling tag of HTML. If you want to emphasize text content from the other content, you have to use the HTML <em> tag of HTML.

Both the tags give the same italic text content as the output. You have to decide whether you want to style the text or you want to emphasize the text.

To use the em tag, you have to put the content inside the opening tag <em> and closing tag </em>. Check the syntax of <em> tag given below.

<em>Put your content here…<em>

This is the same syntax as of i tag, you have to just put your content in the indicated place above.


Test it Live


This is a emphasize text

The above text showing the emphasized text content with all the text in an italic state. However, you have to use it only when you have to emphasize the word and differentiate it from others.

Difference Between <i> and <em>

There are many differences between these two tags which are listed below.

  1. The <i> tag is the styling tag in HTML while <em> tag is the emphasis tag.
  2. You have to use the i tag only when you have to make the text italic. However, the em tag can be used to give strong emphasis to the text content.
  3. The i tag is the presentational tag of HTML while the em tag is not a presentational tag.
  4. i tag makes text content italic without giving importance while em tag emphasize the word.

Hope, you like this post of how to use the italic tags for formatting in HTML. If you have any query regarding the tutorial, please comment below.