HTML List: Add Content in the Form of List in a Page

The HTML list tag is used to define content in the form of lists. A list is used when you want to define concepts with many features. A concept can be a term you want to describe on your website or blog. The description requires to list out all the available uses, definition and advantages.

Suppose you want to define a table of content for your page. You need to define a list of headings in the table. These headings, then you can describe one by one.

Now, Let’s take a simple example. You want to buy a mobile phone. If you do not list out the functionality of the mobile phones. Probably the chances that you will buy a mobile phone does not match to your requirement. To get rid of this, You create a list of features, go to a retailer and show them the list. The retailer then provides the mobile with the same.



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