How to Write Without Grammatical Mistakes (7 Proven Tips)

If you want to learn how to write without grammatical mistakes, you have come to the right place. The short answer is to use the grammar checker tools to easily find out errors and mistakes. It does not require English grammar knowledge to use and eliminate errors.

Learning English grammar can be a tough task for you and complex for beginners. It’s hard to improve your grammar skills by learning grammar. You need more practice and expertise to learn and eliminate mistakes in English.

When English is not your primary language, it can be the biggest challenge for you to learn it. If you are a writer, you definitely need to write error-free content.

How to Write Without Grammatical Mistakes

In this post, you will learn how to write without grammatical mistakes in English. You can easily fix your grammar mistakes with the right tools and tips given here. So, let’s get started.

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Common Grammatical Mistakes in English

  • Incorrect Use of Tenses: If you use ‘have take‘ in your sentence, you are using the wrong tense. The correct form is ‘have taken‘ according to the English grammar tenses.
  • Missing or Misplaced Comma: Comma creates a pause when used correctly makes a meaningful sentence. If you use ‘English is not, a mother tongue‘, it makes the wrong meaning. You have to use ‘English is not a mother tongue‘ that makes a meaningful sentence.
  • Spelling Mistakes: the English language has many complex words to spell. You need to know the correct spelling of the word to write meaningful sentences. Using wrong spelling makes your sentence meaningless. For example, if you use ‘Goverment‘, you are missing ‘n‘ in the word. The correct spelling is ‘Government‘.
  • Missing or Wrongly Added Apostrophes: Apostrophes are a little bit confusing when you don’t have an idea of how to use them. For example: if you use ‘The recipient email address is full‘, it contains an error of apostrophe. The correct word is ‘recipient’s‘ to replace it with ‘recipient‘ in the sentence.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement Rules: The verb in a sentence must match the subject. You have to find out the singular and plural use of the verb. For example: if you use ‘It go‘, you are using the wrong subject-verb. The subject is singular where you have to use ‘It goes‘ to make a correct subject-verb agreement.
  • Comma Splices: Splice means connecting one sentence with another. Connecting two independent sentences together is called comma splices. For example, If you use ‘I was hungry, I have taken lunch‘, you are using a comma splice that’s wrong here. The correct use is ‘I was hungry. So, I have taken lunch‘.

How to Check and Correct Grammatical Mistakes While Writing (2 Top Tools)

Here are the top 2 tools that can help you easily check and correct grammatical mistakes while writing:-

#1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the #1 tool to easily write without making grammatical mistakes in English. The tool comes with free and paid options.

grammarly How to Write Without Grammatical Mistakes

In the free option, you can Eliminate Spelling Errors, Comma Errors, Comma Splices, Grammar Mistakes, Punctuation Errors, and many more. It can help you easily find out the errors and eliminate them while writing online.

If you are a beginner, you can start with a free version that marks all the errors you made in your writing. After that, you just have to take your mouse over these errors and writing mistakes. You will get suggestions for corrections that you made in your writing. You can click the suggestion to make the correction to your content.

For more advanced suggestions on lengthy sentence structure and extra clear writing, you can go for the premium plan. The premium plan comes with features like Tone Adjustment Suggestions, Correct Use of Sentences, Plagiarism, Professional Writing Suggestions, and many more.

To use Grammarly, you can add the Grammarly Chrome extension to check your writing mistakes while online. After installation of the extension, you check and eliminate errors directly on Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It also comes with an extension for All Major Browsers, Windows, Mac, MS Office, Google Docs, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Try Grammarly Now (It’s free)

#2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is the premium tool to easily check English writing mistakes while writing online. It is specially designed for Professional Writers, Publishers, and Authors. You will get an in-depth analysis of your writing and real-time suggestions.


It can help you easily check and correct mistakes while writing online. You will get real-time unique suggestions on Grammar Mistakes, Spelling Errors, Comma Errors, Punctuation, and many other writing mistakes.

You can easily improve your sentences and create meaningful content for your audience. It comes with an extension for All Major Browsers, Windows, MAC, MS Office, Google Docs, and many other integrations.

The advanced tracking reports help you easily find out your progress in writing. You can easily identify what type of mistakes you have done in your writing. This can increase your creative writing skills as after getting reports, you can focus more on your weak points.

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Tips to Write Without Grammatical Mistakes (7 Proven Tips)

Here are proven tips that you can follow to write without Grammatical mistakes:-

1. Write Short Form Sentences

Short forms of sentences can bring more value to your audience. Long sentences are difficult to understand the meaning and the purpose. When you start using short sentences in your content, you can actually help them easily understand the meaning of the sentence.

You can also be writing short sentences easily without making writing mistakes. If you make any mistakes in writing, shorter sentences are easier to make corrections with the above tools.

It can help you in writing a clear form of sentences without giving extra load to your audience. You can make easily make your content more readable with good writing.

2. Proofread Your Content

Proofreading is the process to read your written content and marking errors in writing or make corrections to sentences. After you have completed writing your content, you should cross-check your content before making it live for your audience.

Check for Spelling Mistakes, Duplicate Words, Phrases that are not Meaningful, etc. Revise your work and mark the errors and mistakes in your writing. After that, make corrections to your mistakes to eliminate errors.

The primary goal of proofreading is to highlight common mistakes. Proofreading can consistently improve your reading and writing skills. You can easily remove the negative part of your writing that can damage your reputation as a writer.

3. Learn Grammar Rules

Learning grammar can help you know to exact rules of writing the correct form of sentences in English. Start from Parts of Speech as it’s the important part of English grammar. After that, learn about Tenses to know the correct use of the subject, verb, and object.

The correct use of grammar also comes from reading passages, Essays, and newspapers. Start reading English newspapers loudly to learn phrases. Reading loudly can help you remember the correct use of grammar in your writing.

Apply your reading in your writing and read and write daily. At the starting point of reading and writing, you may write manually. But, after practicing more, you will write technically and more professionally without making grammar mistakes.

4. Find Correct Spelling of the Word Online

Making spelling mistakes is common as it’s not possible to know the correct spelling of all the words present in a dictionary. In that case, you can use Google to find the correct spelling of your words.

Write a few letters of your word on Google to get the correct spelling. For example: if you write the spelling ‘Goverment‘, it’s wrong and the correct spelling is ‘Government‘. When you write a few letters of this word, you will get the exact correct spelling from the online dictionary of Google as shown below.


Similarly, you find the correct spelling of other words present in your content. This way, you can also remember the correct spelling and will not make spelling mistakes in the future with more practice.

5. Think More Before Writing

Think more and more before you write anything. Focus more on the meaning of the content you want to explain to your audience with your writing.

Create an overview of your content and start writing from start to end. Write paragraphs with headings that can help people easily understand the topic. Thinking habits can help you write quality content and bring more value to your audience.

Take a copy and pen and write the main topic of your content. After that, write the heading for which you want to create inner content. After that, you can start writing content for each heading. Write short sentences with clear meaning. Also, write only two to three-line paragraphs that look easy to read for people.

Writing without thinking cannot help you create meaningful content for your audience. So, thinking is important before writing anything.

6. Practice More

To write without grammatical mistakes, you need to keep writing content each day. It can also increase your writing habit. Read your content often times to make corrections to your content.

Every people make mistakes even a native English speaker can make mistakes while writing. With each mistake, you will learn different lessons to easily improve your content. With each day of practice, your writing will improve.

Practice can also improve your English grammar to write without grammatical mistakes. Look for more examples online and read them to remember and write the correct content.

7. Hire a Professional Content Writer

If you still think, you cannot easily follow the above rules and make corrections to your writing. You can hire a professional writer to write content without grammatical mistakes.

When you make corrections to your writing, you should learn and remember the errors and possible corrections. If it’s hard for you to remember the possible correction, you can use the English writing tool (like Grammarly and ProWritingAid) to easily find and eliminate them.

However, if you still think you cannot write good content for your audience yourself. Professional writers can help you easily write quality content that brings more value to your audience. You can easily hire professional writers from HireWriters. They only offer the highest qualified native English-speaking writers.

FAQS on How to Write Without Grammatical Mistakes

Q1. How Can I Improve My Grammar Mistakes When Writing

Answer: To improve your grammar mistakes when writing, you need to write daily and practice more. When you practice writing daily, you will become a pro in writing content. After a few months, you will definitely find some difference in your writing ability. It improves gradually with each piece of content your write.

Find out what are the common mistakes you made in English. After that, take a copy and pen and write the type of mistake to make in English writing. Work on these mistakes and practice daily. You will definitely write better without making mistakes.

Q2. How Can You Avoid the Grammatical Errors?

Answer: Here are the top 5 ways to avoid grammatical errors:-

  • Write Short Form Sentences
  • Proofread Your Content
  • Learn Grammar Rules
  • Find Correct Spelling of the Word Online
  • Practice More

Q3. What are Five of the 10 Common Mistakes?

Answer: Here are the five of the 10 common mistakes:-

  • Duplicate words
  • Comma mistakes
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Wrongly added apostrophes

Q4. How to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes?

Answer: The first solution is To write English without spelling mistakes, you need the first mark the words that look tough to spell. After that, use Google to find the correct spelling of your marked words. Type a few starting letters of the word in Google to get the correct spelling from an online dictionary. If your spelling contains errors, you can replace it with the correct word that you have just found online.

The second solution is to use the Grammarly tool that automatically marks all the words containing spelling errors and mistakes. After that, you can take your mouse over those marked words to get the correct spelling from the dictionary. You need to just click the suggestion to replace it with words containing spelling errors.

Conclusion on How to Write Without Grammatical Mistakes

Making mistakes is common among every people. If you are a native English speaker, you can make mistakes while writing. You need a tool that can help you easily find your mistakes and give suggestions for correction.

Grammarly tool is a top-notch solution that can help you check writing errors and mistakes while writing. It is an online tool that requires an only internet connection to find and eliminate mistakes in real-time.

So, what are you waiting for ➜ Try Grammarly Now (It’s free)

Learning English grammar is a tough task for writers. You can take the benefits of the Grammarly tool to easily write content and make corrections while writing offline or online on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and many others.

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