Definition of Noun, Types and Usage in English Grammar

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Learn the definition of noun in English Grammar with examples. Also, find out how to identify the noun from the given sentence. It can be a subject or an object words in the English language.

Definition of Noun

The noun is the name of any person, place, thing or idea. You can easily recognize a noun from the given sentence. A noun is not the person, place or thing. It is the name of the characters that do.

Let’s explain it from the simple example given below. Read the sentence given below to find out the noun from it.


Ram is going to a restaurant to take lunch

Ram is a person, the restaurant is a place and lunch is a thing.

It works as subjects and objects in the sentence.


Person: Ram, Shyam, John, Doctor, boy, girl, man, men, woman, etc.
Place: Restaurant, hotel, India, hotel, hospital, house, mountain, river, etc.
Thing: Sandwich, Book, Shirt, Pizza, Cars, Dog, etc.
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How to Identify a Noun

If you take to look at any sentence in English, you may see that there are things like who, where and what. ‘who’ is for the person, ‘where’ is for place and ‘what’ is for the thing. We know that the noun is the name of people, place, and thing.

what is noun and how to identify it


Suresh has two sons and one daughter.

In the above example, if you identify the who then the answer is Suresh. However, there is no place showing in the sentence but the things are his sons and daughter. So, if you want to identify the noun in any sentence. Just find out the who, where and what in the given sentences.

Tip: If you want to recognize the noun, you have to just identify the who, where and what words in the given sentence.

Different Types of Noun in English Grammar

  • Common Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Concrete Noun
  • Abstract Noun
  • Material Noun
  • Countable Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Collective Noun

Before you click the below answer, please try to find out the noun from the below-given sentences. After you identify the noun, click the below answer link to match your answer.

Question: Find the noun in the given sentence.

  1. I saw a boy running on the ground.
  2. Baby wants to play toys.
  3. Kids are playing football
  4. Children’s walked to a Bookshop to buy story Books.
  1. The boy is the thing, the ground is the place.
  2. Baby is the person, toys are the thing.
  3. Kids are the person, football is the thing
  4. Children’s is the person, Bookshop is the place, Books is the thing.
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