How to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes (Top 3 Tips)

Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by Roshan Parihar

Do you want to write English without making spelling mistakes?

Well! everyone can make mistakes while writing English content. Spelling mistake is the most common mistake anyone can make while writing content. If you are a native English speaker, you can still make spelling mistakes.

It does not mean you don’t know the correct spelling of the word in English. Writing long content can leave you with lots of spelling mistakes. It’s difficult to find the mistake by reading the whole content again and again.

How to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes (Top 3 Tips)

You read the whole content and edit the mistakes for correction. It can still be possible that the mistakes aren’t corrected after two to three edits. You need to know the right way to use it at the time of writing content to never make spelling mistakes.

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In this post, you will get useful tips that can help you quickly resolve spelling mistakes. After learning these tips, you will never make spelling mistakes again.

So, let’s start.

Method 1: Use Online Tool to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes (Recommended)

To write English without spelling mistakes, you can start using the online spelling checker tool. You just have to install the tool on your browser to make it work on your browsers. It can help you automatically detect all your spelling mistakes and errors while writing online.

After trying and testing the best grammar checker online software, I recommend Grammarly to our readers. Grammarly is the #1 online spelling checker tool that can help you automatically identify all your spelling and writing mistakes.

You just need to install the Grammarly browser extension to automatically start marking all your writing mistakes including spelling.

It’s the fastest way to resolve your spelling mistakes easily without needing to read all your content thoroughly.

Let’s find out the process of how to write without spelling mistakes with Grammarly:-

Step 1: Create Grammarly Free Account

First of all, open the Grammarly homepage and click the ‘Get Grammarly it’s free’ button.


You will get a signup form to create with your Email and a Password for your Grammarly account. Or, you can choose to signup with your Facebook, Gmail, or Apple account.


Step 2: Install Grammarly Browser Extension

After account creation, you will get the Grammarly app where you have to click the ‘Add to Chrome it’s free’ button to start installing the Grammarly browser extension.

grammarly-click-add-to-chrome-button How to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes (Top 3 Tips)

It will take you to the browser extension store with the Grammarly extension. Install the extension to your browser to start using it.

grammarly-chrome-store-click-add-to-chrome-button How to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes (Top 3 Tips)

After you complete the browser extension installation, you will get the Grammarly icon as indicated in the image below.

grammarly-chrome-browser-installed-extension How to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes (Top 3 Tips)

Final Step 3: Now, you can start writing English to find spelling and grammar mistakes automatically for corrections as given below. You can take your mouse on marked spelling errors to get suggestions for corrections.


Method 2: Search Dictionary to Write English Without Spelling Mistakes

A sharp memory is not enough to write the correct spelling of the word. There can be many difficult words in English that you cannot easily memorize. If you want to become a good speller, you cannot rely totally on your memory for writing the spelling of the word in English.

Top spellers in English rely on the top dictionary resources both in printed form and online. The dictionary should follow standard spelling in English and should be specially designed for English writers and learners. If you are a non-native English speaker, it can very useful for your to start using a dictionary.

Here is the list of top offline and online dictionary options to learn correct English:-

Method 3: Write More and Practice More to Know the Correct Spelling

If you are consistent in writing English, you can become a good speller. Practice is the key to writing English without spelling mistakes. Consistently writing English helps you learn the spelling of simple as well as difficult words.

Make a list of difficult words in spelling to Memorize Regularly

The more often times you write the spelling of a word, the less you make spelling writing mistakes. You can make a list of difficult words you have trouble spelling to learn them regularly. Read the word each day to memorize.

Memorize the spelling of every word you don’t know the spelling previously. Next time, when it again comes to your English writing, you will not make mistakes. The spelling of a more difficult word automatically comes to your memory to write its correct spelling.

Practice More with Your Friends and Family

Let’s take an example of any video or movie you watch regularly. You can easily describe the story of the movie and each scene of the movie comes to your mind automatically. The same thing you need to follow in learning the spelling of words.

Create quizzes on those spellings and play with friends to enjoy learning to spell. This way you can also help your friends to memorize the difficult words.

Draw Picture with Spelling to Memorize

Drawing a picture of the word with spelling helps you easily memorize the spelling of the word for a longer time. Create a list of words difficult to spell and draw pictures for every word on chart paper.

You can turn your words into imagination and imagination into reality with pictures. Next time when you try to spell the word, the picture of the spelling will revolve around your mind. It can help you write without spelling mistakes.

How Can I Avoid Spelling Mistakes in English (Tips and Tricks)

Here are the top rules to avoid spelling mistakes in English:-

  1. Use I Before E: Use ‘i’ before ‘e’ for the words read as e like achievements, piece, etc. Except for the word starts with ‘c’ like receive, deceive, etc. Also, except in the word read as a like height, weight, neighbor, freight, etc.
  2. Change Y to I: When you want to add ‘es’ at the end of the word ‘fry’, it becomes ‘fries’. Similarly, the other examples are cries, tries, etc.
  3. Remove the Final E: If you want to add ‘ing’ at the end of words like trade, ride, guide, hide, etc. These words become trading, riding, guiding, hiding, etc.
  4. Double the Final Word with ‘ing’: When you want to add ‘ing’ at the end of words like step, prop, crop, drop, etc. These words become stepping, propping, cropping, dropping, etc. So, you will have to add one more ‘p’ with ‘ing’ to write the correct spelling.
  5. Silent Letters in Spelling: Create a list of words with silent letters to read. These words are difficult to understand the spelling. You need to remember the spelling of the words with silent letters like Honour, Hour, Psychology, Knowledge, etc. Find out more words and remembers their spelling as there is no rule for the spelling of these words.

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