HTML title attribute display title of html element on hover

The HTML title attribute use with HTML element to give the title. The titles are the information related to the element, you can see on hover over the HTML tag. The HTML title attribute use with any HTML elements like an anchor, paragraph and almost all the tags.

HTML title attribute example of anchor tag

Here, the anchor tag using to give the URL of the title tag. You give its information in the HTML title attribute.


How to give the page title of HTML web page

Hover over the anchor tag example, you will get the title, description as tooltip lookup.

You can say, it’s a tooltip information which you will get to hover over HTML element. When you use the HTML title attribute with an anchor tag, you are actually giving information about where the link will send you to click. This is useful when you want to get the identity to hover over the HTML element.

Example of Image element with a title attribute

Now, suppose you want to check the image information, you need to first give it a title for HTML img tag. If you hover over the image, you will get the information about the images. This is the easiest way when you want to identify each image item on a web page.

Here is the example of the image:

Image Output

HTML title attribute nature image

Here, when you hover over the image, you can see, there is a tooltip appear with the information of the image.

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