HTML audio tag

HTML audio tag is used to show audio resources in a web page.

HTML audio ‘src’ attribute is used to give the source of the audio file.


List of allowed HTML audio Formats

Sr. No. HTML audio available formats Description
1 mp3 Used to include mp3 extension files.
2 ogg Used to include ogg extension files.
wav Used to include wav extension files.


List of HTML audio attributes

Sr. No. HTML Audio Attributes Description
1 autoplay Used to automatically play audio files. The values are boolean given by true and false.
2 autobuffer Used to automatically download the audio file. This continues until the full audio file is downloaded.
3 buffered Used to buffer the audio element.
4 controls Used to give various controls to the include audio files. A user can handle the audio content playback, Volume, seeking and pause/resume playback system.
5 loop Used to make audio file to play again on seeking to the end. The value for this attribute are true and false.
6 mozCurrentSampleOffset Used to give the number of samples from the beginning of the audio stream at which the audio is playing.
7 muted Used to mute the audio file on play. This makes the audio silent without any sound.
8 played Used to indicate all the ranges of the audio.
9 preload This attribute has three values- auto, metadata and none. auto is used to play audio file once it gets loaded, none is used to make audio file not play automatically, metadata is used t obuffer the metadata of audio file.
10 src Used to give the url of the audio resource file. The url can be full url as well as short url. A full url starts from http while the short url start starts from /.
11 volume Play volume in the range from 0 to 1(where 0 is for silent and 1 is for full volume.

Resources and References

1. W3C Specification.
2. HTML living standard
3. W3C project using Github

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