HTML table tag

html table tag

HTML table tag is used data in tabular form.



row1, column1row1, column2
row2, column1row2, column2

List of Table Tags

Sr. No.TagnameDescription
1<table>Use it to create a table.
2<tr>Used to create rows in a table. See HTML tr tag for more details.
3<th>Used to create header cells in a table. See HTML th tag for more details.
4<td>Used to create a cells in each rows of a table. See HTML td tag for more details.
5<tbody>Used to group the body content of a table. See HTML tbody tag for more details.
6<thead>Used to group the header content of a table. See HTML thead tag for more details.
7<tfooter>Used to group the footer content of a table. See HTML tfooter tag for more details.

Resources and References

1. W3C Specification.
2. HTML living standard
3. W3C project using Github

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