How To Add New Row Using Keyboard In MS Excel

In this tutorial, learn the useful methods to add new row in Excel sheet. Insert the new row with an only keyboard shortcut of computer or laptop.

Many users using mouse buttons and few clicks to add single or multiple rows. However, you can use only the keyboard shortcuts given here which are unknown but easiest methods.

So, let’s start learning all the simple methods below.

Method 1: Use Menu Key and Add New Row in Excel

You have to first go to the place where you want to include row to the top. Now, use the “≣ Menu” key of the keyboard and follow the steps given-below.

Step 1: ≣Menu key Press of your keyboard
Find your menu key by taking the idea from the image given below. You can identify the button with the three dash(-) in the symbol printed on the key. It contains options for it in the selected cell. To get those options, you have to press the menu key.

Menu key Press of your keyboard

Step 2: Choose the “Insert” option of the menu with arrow keys press “i”
You will get the number of options in the menu options list. You have to choose the “insert” option from the menu list. Go to the option using the keyboard arrow key After selection, you have to press the enter key to choose.
Insert option of menu with arrow keys add new row

Step 3: Choose the “Entire row” option by using arrow key or with key press “r”
A new window will open when you select the above option. There are 4 options given in the list out of which you have to select “Entire row” option.

The fastest way to select this option is by directly pressing the keyboard “r” button. You can check the below image showing the selected and the required option.

Choose Entire row option by using arrow key to add new row

Step 4: Final step is to press “Enter” key
Finally, you have to press the “Enter” key of your keyboard. This will insert a row to the top of the selected row.

Method 2: (CTRL SHIFT =) Key For appending a row in Excel

You can follow this 3 step process to adding a row on your Microsoft Excel sheet. The steps are given below.

Before you dive into the various steps, you have to do a single step.

First of all, you have to visit the row cell to the top of which you want to append row.

Step 1: Use keyboard shortcut “CTRL SHIFT =”
This will gives you a direct window which contains 4 different options. These various options are also useful to insert new column to the excel sheet.

press keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT =

Step 2: Choose the “Entire row” option using arrow key or press button “r”
There are 4 different options given in the window. Out of which, you have to choose only the “Entire row” option using the keyboard arrow key.

However, You can select the required option directly in the given window. you have to choose this option by pressing the “r” keyboard button.

Select Entire row

Step 3: The final step, press the “Enter” key
This is the final step where you have to press the keyboard “Enter” key. After that, you will get a row appended to the top of the selected row.

Method 3: Keyboard shortcut (SHIFT SPACE) Key 2 step process

This is the 2 step process on your Microsoft excel sheet. This method is the fastest method as compared to the above all.

But to use this method, use the arrow key to go to the cell.

Before you check the below steps, you have to first visit the cell where you want to include row. Now, follow these 2 steps simple method given below.

Step 1: Use the shortcut key “SHIFT SPACE” of keyboard
You have to just press the keyboard shortcut “SHIFT SPACE” to select the entire row. Now, follow step 2 given below to append a row to the top.

Use keyboard shortcut SHIFT SPACE

Step 2: Final Step, Press shortcut key “CTRL SHIFT =” of keyboard
This is the final step where you have to just press the shortcut key “CTRL SHIFT =”. This will immediately insert a row top the top of the selected cell. The number of times you press this shortcut, you will get the row same number of times.

It means, each time you press this step shortcut key, you will get inserted automatically.

press keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT =

Out of the above all methods, the last method is the fastest method for adding any number of rows in the excel sheet.

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Hope, you like this post of adding a row in Microsoft Excel sheet. If you have any query regarding the tutorial, please comment below.

Also tell me, what other methods you are using to inserting a row on your MS Excel sheet.

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