How To Delete Selected Rows In Excel Using Keyboard

In this tutorial, learn the different methods to delete the selected row with a keyboard shortcut in Excel. Delete multiple selected rows in Microsoft Excel with keyboard shortcuts.

If you have no mouse attached to your computer system. You can use your keyboard with few key presses to delete the entire row. These are the fastest methods which take a few seconds. With these methods, you can remove single or multiple rows of Microsoft Excel sheet.

Method 1: Delete Single Row in Excel Using Keyboard

The method is useful when you want to delete only the single row in excel. This is a 2 step method and the fastest method to select and remove the row.

First of all, use your keyboard left-right arrow to go the cell of the row which you want to delete. After that follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Select the Entire Row Using “SHIFT SPACE”
Press the keyboard shortcut “SHIFT SPACE” to the cell the entire row. You will get the single rows highlighted and selected after you press this shortcut.

See the image below showing the buttons to press in combination.

Select the Entire Row Using SHIFT SPACE in excel to delete

Step 2: Final Step: Delete Selected Rows Using “CTRL -“
Finally, use your keyboard again and press a new shortcut key “CTRL -“. This will immediately remove the selected row on pressing of the required keys.

If you have any doubt for the keys, you can check the below-given image showing the keys to press together.

delete Selected Rows Using CTRL - in excel to delete

Method 2: How to Remove Multiple Rows in Excel with Keyboard

In addition to the above method of deleting the single row in Excel. You can also delete the multiple numbers of rows fastly using the step given below.

Step 1: Select the Entire Row Using “SHIFT SPACE”
follow the same key shortcut “SHIFT SPACE” as you have used above. This will select the single row at the start of using this method.

Now, if you want to select the multiple rows of the excel sheet. You have to check step 2 given below.

Select the Entire Row Using SHIFT SPACE

Step 2: Press “SHIFT LEFT arrow” or “SHIFT RIGHT arrow” to Select Multiple Rows
After you select a single row using the above step. You have to press the “SHIFT LEFT arrow” or “SHIFT RIGHT arrow” to select multiple rows.

The shortcut key “SHIFT LEFT arrow” selects multiple rows to the left side. However, the other method selects multiple rows to the right of the selected row.

Select the Entire Row Using SHIFT SPACE

Step 3: Final Step: Remove Selected Rows Using “CTRL -“
Now, you have to only press “CTRL -” and it immediately removes multiple selected rows. You can remove more rows as per your requirement.

 Remove Selected Rows Using CTRL -

Method 3: Other Option to Erase Selected Rows in Excel

In addition to the above all methods, there is another method which is given below to use and remove rows. Follow the steps given below for the other method.

Step 1: Go to the Required Row Cell to Delete
You have to first go to the row cell which you have to delete. If you think of using the mouse to perform this task, Don’t do this. You can use the keyboard left-right arrow to visit the required cell.

Now, follow the below steps.

Step 2: Press “CTRL -” to Open Window Options
After the above step, you have to press the shortcut key “CTRL -“. This will open a new window in which there are 4 options.

other method to erase Selected Rows Using CTRL -

Step 3: Select “Entire Row” Option
Out of the 4 options given in the window, you have to select “Entire Row” option. You can use the arrow key top and bottom.

You can also select the option by pressing the keyboard button “r”.

other method select entire row

Step 4: Final Step: Press “Enter”
This is the final step in which, you have to just press the “Enter” key of your keyboard.

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Hope, you like this post of how to delete the selected rows in Excel using only Keyboard. If you have any query regarding the tutorial, please comment below.

Also tell me, which method you are using the remove single or multiple rows of Excel sheet.


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