How To Find Inverse Cosine Of A Number Using Excel

In this tutorial, learn how to find the inverse cosine of the given number with Microsoft Excel. The short answer is to use the Excel ACOS() and pass a number as an argument.

You can get the inverse cosine output in radian as well as in degree. However, the default output of the Excel ACOS function value is in radian. The method to convert this radian value to a degree is given below.

The function takes only a single argument which is a numeric value. The range of the number is from -1 to 1. If you take any value other than the range. You will get an error output as given in the below examples.

Find Inverse Cosine of a Number in Radian Using Excel

To find the inverse cosine of the given number, you have to pass the number as the argument of the function. Let us take an example of the number -1 to pass as the argument of the function.



The number gives the output as 3.141593 which is the numeric value of π. You can get π in Excel using the PI(). The same you can use to convert to the degree using the next example given below.

Calculate Inverse Cosine in Degree with MS Excel

To calculate the output in degree, you have to multiply the default output of the function with 180/PI(). You have to use the below-given method to perform the degree conversion.

See the below example gives the output in degree.



The above output shows that the degree is 180 after conversion.

Don’t Use Arguments with Value Other Than -1 to 1

In many cases, you forget to use the argument value to use between -1 and 1. You will get the error message as given in the example below.



The above example takes 5 as the argument of the function. It gives the error output as #NUM! which indicates that the argument is incorrect.

Hope, you like this tutorial of how to get the inverse cosine of the number in Excel. If you have any query regarding the tutorial, please comment below.

Also tell me, which method you are using to calculate the degree and radian output.


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