What Is Domain Name And Domain Name Extension

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Domain name extension is the main part of a domain to distinguish it from other domains. The types of domain names are arranged according to the different extension of domains.

What is Domain Name

A domain name is the IP aaddress of the computer in the online system. It is the main online presence for any website owner, blogger or business. If you want to make an online presence, you have to first register your domain name.

You can find any computer system online using IP addresses. The domain names are also IP addresses of the computer system. We use them to identify the IP address of the computer system.

As the IP addresses are not easy for humans to remember. That’s why we use the domain names for the online computer systems. A domain name is recognized by ICANN(Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) which maintains all the DNS root zone.

It can be a combination of alphabets or alphabets and numbers. There are many domain names already register and running online today. Each domain names are unique to identify online. That mean, you cannot buy the same domain names already running online. You have to choose a domain name which is not available online.

What is Extension in DNS

Domain name extensions are the suffixes to add after the dot(.). It is the end part of the domain name which can be global or local. Global extensions are the top-level domain names like .com, .net, and .org.

However, the local domain extensions are the country codes like .in, .au, .us, etc. With this name, you can recognize the location or country of the owner. It also gives traffic from the specific country. For example: if you want to get more traffic from india. You can buy .in which can give you more traffic from the country-specific location.

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There are many extensions available today to buy. From these extensions, you have to pick a name which is the right choice for your business or blog. A .COM  is the most trusted and recognized name.

A .COM is the standard Top-Level-Domain names. It is a global name which you can use to start your own blog or business. If you want to help visitors easily remember your website name. You should consider buying a .COM name.

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