How to Get Element From Set in Python

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To get elements from Set in Python, use the for loop of Python to access each element of Set and print them in the output.

You can also find the smallest and largest element in a Set with min() and max() functions in Python.

How to Get Elements From Set Using For Loop in Python

If you want to get an element from Set, you can use the for loop of Python that traverses through each element. You can use the if condition to match with the element and print the result.

Examples 1



The above example prints each element one by one with one element at one line. The elements get printed on each iteration over Set elements in Python.

Using print() to Get Matching Element in a Set in Python

If you want to check the given element is present in the Set using Python. You can use the simple method that checks the element in a Set. It gives the result in boolean format (True/False). If the element is present in the Set, it gives True otherwise False.

Examples 2



The output in the above example shows that the specified element is present in the Set. The example checks a single element at a time in the Set variable.

Get Smallest and Largest Elements in Python

You can find the smallest value from the Set variable using the min() function. It takes a single argument as the Set variable to get the lowest element from it. The Set variable contains all the elements in numeric format.

Examples 3



The above example contains an output that shows that 3 is the smallest item in the given Set variable.

Note: To find the smallest and largest value in a Set, all the elements should be numeric to make it work.

Find Largest Value Item in a Numeric Set Using Python

The largest value can be retrieved from a Set using the max() function. It takes a set variable as its argument to retrieve the largest numeric value from it.

Examples 4



The above example shows that 21 is the largest value among all the elements of a Set.

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