Change Image On Dropdown Select Option Using jQuery

In this tutorial, learn how to change image on dropdown select option using jQuery. You just need to select the dropdown option and the related image starts to appear immediately on selection. This can be useful when a company wants to show their team member using HTML select tag options.

In order to create this, you need to use the jQuert show/hide function effect to display or hide the image on select. But before you show or hide the content, you need to first find the value of the select option by which you can show the image. You may also like how to change image on hover using HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

You have to use the jQuery change function to get select box option value using jQuery.

How to Change Image on Dropdown Select Option Using jQuery

To use jQuery change image on dropdown select option, you have to first hide the image initially using the CSS. After that, you have to use the jQuery show/hide function to show the image on select of the dropdown option.

In addition to this, you also need to hide the shown div after select. See the example below to find the solution.



The above example contains the three option in the select box. Each option has a div to show that contains the image. Select your option to get the related image. You can also change the number of options and ad more options as per your requirement.

Hope, you like this tutorial. If you have any query, please comment below to ask.


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