How to Change Image on Hover Using HTML,CSS and JQuery

In this tutorial, learn how to change image on li hover using HTML, CSS and jQuery. You can change image on hover and the related image starts to appear immediately on hover. This may be useful when you want to display your team members and display the image on hover of their position in the company.

To perform this task, you need a CSS display property whose value change on hover using jQuery. You also need to use the jQuery show/hide function to display or hide the image on hover. You may also like how to get id of HTML element on hover.

Hover is the fastest way of displaying anything as you don’t need to click the element to get the output. Just hover sequentially and you will get the required image immediately. You may also like change image on dropdown select option using jQuery.

How to Change Image on li Hover Using HTML,CSS and JQuery

If you want to Change Image on li Hover using jquery, you can find the answer in the example given below. Now, suppose your company has four members and you want to display the designation and image of them. List out the designation and display the image and designation of the employee on hover.


Hover Below list Buttons to display Image

  • Show Manager
  • Show HR
  • Show Developer
  • Show Designer

The above example is the live example to hover over the designation listed above and get the related image of the person. You can hover over the list buttons given above to get the person image. The image changes accordingly with the mouse hover using the mouseover property of jQuery.

Initially, the image is in a hidden state and it immediately starts appearing on hover of the buttons listed above.

Hope you like this tutorial, if you have any query please comment below.

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