CSS font kerning

CSS font kerning is used to define the inter-glyph spacing of HTML elements.

This property uses many font to set the look of content. You can make your content or paragraph attractive using font family with kerning.




CSS font kerning with paragraph



CSS font kerning values list

Sr. No.valueDescription
1autoUsed to set the kerning to the discretion of the user agent.. The value for this is can be font name.
1normalUsed to apply the kerning to text. The value for this is normal.
2noneUsed to specify not to apply kerning to text. The value for this is none.
3initialUsed to define as the property initial value.
4inheritUsed to define the computed value of property on the elements parent.
5unsetUsed to define the property either acts as inherit or initial, depending on the property if it is inherited or not.

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