background CSS Property

background CSS Property is used to define different background properties in a single setting.



This is the background CSS example paragraph

background CSS Property values list

Sr. No. value Description
1 url(image url location) Used to make background image. The value for this is the location of the image. See background-image property for this
2 none Used to make no background image.
3 repeat style Used to make background image repeat or not repeat. The value of this is a repeat or no-repeat. See the background-repeat property for this
4 size Used to set background image size. See background-size property for this
5 attachment Used to make the background image attachment. To know more detail, See background-attachment property for this.
6 color Used to give background color. See background-color property for this
7 initial Used to define as the property initial value.
8 inherit Used to define the computed value of the property on the elements parent.
9 unset Used to set all the properties to their parent value if inheritable.