What is a browser and how to download browser in Windows

web browser

Definition of web browser

A web browser is a computer software used to access web pages on the world wide web. These web pages contain code that translated by the browser to display text, graphic images, videos and other features of the websites. You can search World Wide Web sites in browsers by using the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Services of web browser

A web browser provides many services to the user. These services are useful to communicate with the world wide web.

  • Uploading of data like video, audio, and images to the world wide web.
  • Downloading of the data from the world wide web.
  • Send and receive emails.
  • Convert web codes into human readable texts.

However, the main purpose of the browser is to translate machine programming code into texts and graphics.

Today’s Internet browsers

There are six most popular browsers available today, you can use to access web pages. These web browsers are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge (New browser first introduced with Windows 10)
  • Opera
  • Safari

Google Chrome is the best web browser many users prefer to use. It contains so many plugins which are useful for the developer to develop websites. You can even check spelling and grammar automatically using the extensions. I used so many plugins of chrome to develop this website. See what are the useful plugins every developer should use.

If you want to find the best browser for your use. Download the browser from below links and play with the websites.

How can I download web browsers

The web browsers available for free. You can download web browser from their official website given below

How web browser works:

Here is step by step process performed by the web browser to retrieve web pages.

User type a website URL in the web browser address bar. Here you have to write the full name of the website like tutorialdeep.com. If you want to fetch the web page from the internal location. You can type tutorialdeep.com/knowhow/clear-browsing-history. This is the location of knowhow section of this website.

Browser converts that URL into IP address. This requests the web page from the host present in that IP address. You are now in the location to retrieve the tutorialdeep.com web pages from the section knowhow. The browser receives the HTML and other files like javascript and CSS for clear-browsing-history.

It then converts the codes present in the file into a human readable text. The user now can see the displayed page in their browser.

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