Show Different HTML Form On Radio Button Selection

In this tutorial, learn how to show/hide different HTML form on radio button selection. When the user selects the radio button, upon each selection, a new form will be open. Each time, the user will see a different form which you can use for multiple login systems.

You can also use this for multiple registration systems. To allow different users to register for their relevant section. Each form contains the submit button to get user input on submission. You may also like to read Show/Hide Div On Radio Button Selected Using JQuery.

Show Different HTML Form On Radio Button Selection

There are three radio buttons and three forms available in the below example. When you choose the option, its matching login form will open. If you have multiple types of users, employees and managers login.

You can use this form for your project. It’s the easiest method which uses jQuery to show form dynamically.

Test it Live


Subscriber Login
Employee Login
Manager Login

Subscriber Login Form

Employee Login Form

Manager Login Form

Click any of the above-given radio buttons to get the relevant form. When you choose a button, you will get a new form to use for your users.

Each form is of a different style with the submit button. You can change the above-given forms as per your requirement.

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Hope, you like this post of how to show different HTML form on radio button selection. If you have any query regarding the tutorial, please comment below.


Also tell, which method you are using to create your own radio button option for forms.

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