jQuery first() Method

The jQuery first() method can be used to return the first item of the selected element. It selects the first inner item of the selected group element.

jQuery first() Method


The syntax of this method is given below:-


Description of the Parameters

The description of these parameters is given below.

Parameter Name Description
selector Specify the group element to select its first item. You can use the element tag name, class name, or id to select. It is a required field.

jQuery first() Method to Select First Element

If you want to select the first element of the selected element, you have to use the method as given below. You don’t have to use any parameter to use the method. After selecting the element, you can apply CSS using the css() of jQuery.


Test it Live


  • First Item
  • Second Item
  • Third Item
  • Last Item

When you click the button given above, it selects the first list item that is present at a first position. The above example applies the orange color after selecting the first list item.

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