Who Invented The Computer Mouse And Keyboard

If you want to know who invented the computer mouse and keyboard. In brief, Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse in 1968. Christopher Latham Soles invented the computer keyboard in 1878.

Who Invented The Computer Mouse

The computer mouse is the device used to control the GUI(Graphical User Interface) of the computer. It displays a moving pointer on the computer screen to move in any direction. You can move to any direction and click the clickable parts of the computer screen.

At an early age, the mouse developed with a ball to move the mouse pointer on the screen. However, after some improvements, modern mouse using have optical sensors by using the laser light. By using the mouse, you can click the folders to open, click the buttons to complete any process. In any application software of windows, you can click the menus to perform different operations.

Who Invented the Computer Mouse

The computer mouse was first invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1968 with the assistance of Bill English. At that time, He was working at Stanford Research Institute which becomes SRI international.

There are two buttons for left-click and right-click available in the mouse. Right-click button is the most usable button to click on clickable parts of the screen. There is also a scroll wheel available in some computer mouse. The scroll wheel can be used to scroll the screen from top to bottom and vice versa.

Inventor Of The Computer Keyboard

The computer keyboard is a device which contains many keys. These keys can perform a certain task or actions. You have to just press the key to see the output in the computer screen. If you want to perform certain actions, you have to hold a key and press another key in combination.

The keyboard contains the character keys as well as numeric keys. If you want to write text in MS Word, you have to just press and use these keys. You can manage capital and small alphabet letters using the ‘caps lock‘ key. It also contains the symbol keys to generated symbols in word documents. In addition to all above, it also contains function keys to perform certain actions with just one press.

Who Invented the Computer Keyboard

The keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Soles in 1878. He created the layout of the QUERTY keyboard as given the image above. They are widely used keyboard pattern for many electronic devices like mobile, computers, laptops, etc.

At an early age, the typewriter is the first device which contains the keys as of keyboard. The typewriter works on the basis of pressing the button and hit the paper to print the letter with the ink ribbon. However, the keyword gives the output on the computer screen. After that, you can print the letter using the printer device attached to the computer.

Keyboard and Mouse Features and Functionality

Computer Mouse: A modern computer mouse can connect with the computer using wire or wireless. The wired keyboard contains the USB port which you can use to connect to computers. However, the wireless mouse can connect to the computers or laptops using Bluetooth device.

The mouse can also play computer games with their best features. You can check the list of the best mouse in the list of a computer mouse.

Computer Keyboard: You can connect a modern keyboard to the computer system using wire or wireless. You can also use a single Bluetooth device to connect both keyboard and mouse together.

There are many types of keyboard available today. Some are of small in size but high in quality. Portable in such a manner that, you can take them to anywhere easy inside a small bag. You can find the latest and top quality keyboards in the list of Best latest keyboards.

Large size keyboards can contain several useful buttons like increase/decrease volume, control screen resolution and colors and many more. While small size keyboard contains lesser keys but with some other features.

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