Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2022: [Save 40% Off LIVE]

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In this Cloudways Black Friday deal and cyber Monday deals, you will get an amazing 40% off on all hosting plans. Cloudways Hosting is the best-managed cloud hosting that is committed to giving you the fastest hosting with security and scalability.

It comes with flexible hosting options with a faster experience to scale your business online with Cloudways CDN and cache.

Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021

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If you are looking for hassle-free and worry-free hosting that guarantees success for any type of growing businesses online. It is easy to host your website with Cloudways in minutes. You can also scale your hardware when required to improve performance.

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Let’s find out the Cloudways Hosting Black Friday deal Sale in detail and the process to activate and grab this deal below.

Details of Cloudways Hosting Black Friday Deal (40% Off for 4 Months)

The biggest Cloudways black Friday sale will be live until 30th November 2022. So, hurry up and go grab the deal and save your money with the fastest Cloudways hosting.

All plans of Cloudways Hosting comes with feature-rich and flexible options to get hosting from small to large size businesses. You can try its hosting to get a faster website with higher performance.

Here are the details of the promotion:-

Cloudways Plan Deal Discount Coupon Code Validity
All Plan 40% for the next 4 months BFCM4030 Valid till 30th November 2022
Click to Activate this Deal

Focus more on creating content without worrying about the website speed and performance to get a higher rank in search engines.

How to Grab Cloudways Black Friday Deal (Step-by-step)

Follow the step-by-step process given below to activate the Black Friday discount and get Cloudways hosting for your website:-

Step 1: Open Cloudways Website

First of all, click here to open the Cloudways Hosting homepage to start creating your account with Cloudways. You can also click the below button to visit Cloudways homepage.

Click here to open Cloudways website

cloudways-black-friday-homepage Cloudways Black Friday Deal

Here, you have to click the ‘GET STARTED FREE’ button on the homepage to open the signup page of Cloudways.

Step 2: Fill Signup Form with Black Friday Deal Discount Code

A signup form will open where you have to fill in your details and a promo code for the 40% exclusive Black Friday discount.

Enter your name, email, and password for the Cloudways account. After that, click the ‘Got a Promo Code’ link and enter the coupon code BFCM4030 to activate the 40% exclusive discount for the next 4 months on all hosting plans of Cloudways.

After you enter the discount, click the ‘START FREE’ button to create a Cloudways account for hosting.

Step 3: Select the Plan For Cloudways Account

There are 5 managed cloud hosting plans as given below:-

  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud

Out of these plans, I recommend you to choose the ‘Digital Ocean’ manage cloud hosting as it is one of the best options in Cloudways and faster than others.

Step 4: Make Payment to Complete Purchase

Provide your payment method to make payment to complete the purchase through credit, debit, or PayPal account details.

Congratulation! you have successfully activated the Cloudways Hosting Black Friday Deal to save 40% Off.

Cloudways Hosting Black Friday Deal Plan Details

Cloudways offers flexible pricing plans for any type of business from small to large size. There are 5 cloud hosting providers that you have to select in Cloudways as given below:-

  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud

see the image below showing the plans in Cloudways hosting.

cloudways-black-friday-pricing Cloudways Black Friday Deal

All are the best option to select for any type of hosting needs. However, I recommend you choose ‘DigitalOcean’ which is the most trusted hosting plan popular among bloggers and website owners.

The DigitalOcean managed cloud hosting are according to your hosting need as given below:-

  • $10/month
  • $22/month
  • $42/month(Recommended
  • $80/month

Out of these DigitalOcean hosting plans, I recommend you choose the ‘$42/month’ plan that is most popular and comes with all the features required for faster hosting. You can host more websites in this plan to grow your business to the peak.

Key Features that Makes Cloudways Best Managed Cloud Hosting

There are many useful features of Cloudways that make it the best-managed cloud hosting to get faster website performance.

Here are the key features in details:-

1. 24/7/365 days Expert Support

With the faster-managed cloud hosting, you will get support experts who guide you in every stage of your success. These experts are highly trained and give you premium support in partnership.

You will get support options including chat support, ticket support, and phone support to solve your problems anytime you want. These support options give you a faster response as soon as possible.

Experts can help you customize and configure your server as per your requirements any time you want. If you need any software to install on your server, experts are there to do it on the behalf of you.

2. Guaranteed High-Speed Performance

Cloudways servers are flexible with no limitations to add resources to them. All servers of Cloudways are based on SSD drives that give you 3x times the performance and load times.

They have built-in cache options including Nginx, Memcache, Varnish, and more to deliver optimized pages fastly to your visitors. Each server comes with the latest version of PHP 7.

In addition to servers, you will also get CDN(Content Delivery Network) that gives you faster service to deliver resources with high speed. You can integrate CDN to your servers in just a single click to take benefits.

If you are using WordPress, you can easily integrate cache to your website using the Cloudways Breeze plugin.

3. Managed Security to Make Servers Safe

All the managed cloud hosting servers come with firewalls to filter out all the spam and malicious traffic attacks. You can ensure security by installing the SSL certificate to your servers for better encryption.

You can whitelist IPs to restrict access to unauthorized users to your website. Regular checkups of your servers to ensure better security and stay away from attack risks.

Cloudways easily protect your website from Brute Force attacks and other malicious attacks to make a safe environment for everyone.

4. 1-Click Backups & Restore

Cloudways helps you take automatic backups of your website pages and databases. In addition to this, you can also restore the backups anytime you want to keep your hard work updated and secure for your business.

You can also revert backup everything in just a single click to get the previously saved versions as per your requirements.

It also gives you the option to get offline backups on demand and restore them to your server when required with just 1-click.

5. Site Migration and Multiple Integrations

Cloudways account comes with migration experts who help you to easily migrate your websites to Cloudways in just a single click. They also guide you in each application migrations and add-on installations to make your site stable.

You can stay updated with your applications and site migrations with virtually no downtime. Multiple integrations can help you build your own solutions to manage your server easily for your site.

FAQS on Cloudways Black Friday Deal

Q1. What is Cloudways?

Answer: Cloudways is the best-managed cloud hosting to get faster performance websites with high security. It comes with flexible and faster-hosting services with Cloudways cache and high-speed CDN.

Q2. Which Cloudways Hosting Plan is Best For Me?

Answer: DigitalOcean with a $42/month pricing option is the most recommended option that comes with all the essential features in one single pack. You can click here to grab a 40% exclusive discount on Cloudways hosting.

Q3. Is There Any Free Trial in Cloudways Black Friday Deal?

Answer: Yes, each plan of Cloudways hosting comes with a free trial of 3-days to test the servers. However, it requires you to provide your credit/debit card to try the hosting for free. However, it will charge you any money before the trial period ends. After 3 days, you can continue by upgrading the plan that costs you money.

Q4. How to Get Free SSL with Cloudways Hosting?

Answer: Each plan comes with a Free SSL certificate.

Q5. Is There Any Promo Code to Get Cloudways Black Friday Deal?

Answer: Yes, the promo code is BFCM4030 and you have applied this code at the time of signup to get a 40% discount on Cloudways hosting.

Click Here to Activate this Deal

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