How to Show/Hide Form On Button Click Using jQuery

In this tutorial, learn how to display or show form on button click using jQuery. show hide form when you click on a button with jquery is the useful method. Showing a form on click using jQuery requires a form and jQuery script to toggle the form.

If you create a form, somewhere you require to hide the part of the form and display when the user clicks on the button. This will save some space on your web page. You have to first hide the form and show it only when the user clicks on the button.

How to Display or Show Form On Button Click Using jQuery

To create a show hide form on button click, you need to use CSS, jQuery, and an HTML form to display on click. You can use jQuery show/hide function or toggle function to show or hide the form on button click. JQuery toggle() is the easiest function to create any toggle effect and display or hide the content on click.

Below is the simple example to show hide form on button click. It contains a simple form which requires the user to fill out the name and email and click the submit button. You can use the PHP script to insert or update the details of the user on click of submit button. Show this form only when the user clicks on the given button.


Click below button to fill your profile details.

Click the above-given button to display the form or toggle form. The click event displays an overall form with form elements, create your own PHP script as per your requirement and use this form.

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Hope you like this tutorial. If you have any query, please feel free to comment below for the solution. Also, tell me which method are you using the show hide form on button click.


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