How To Make Input Field Required Using Bootstrap

A form can be created using Bootstrap form classes. However, you may also want to make the input field required with Bootstrap. To get user input for all form fields, you have to make them required fields. But, how you can get required input fields in the form?

You can easily create required input fields with just the addition of a single attribute with Bootstrap. Check the below examples to learn the method and define the required input fields.

How to Make Input Field Required in Bootstrap

To create the required input fields, you have to put the attribute required="true" with the HTML input text field.

See the example below to create your required input field.

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The above example showing the input field which is the required input using Bootstrap.

Create Bootstrap Form With Compulsory To Fill Textbox

If you want to get the above example working, you have to put the above input field inside the HTML form.

In addition to the above all, you also have to put the submit button in the form. So, when the user clicks the submit button, they will get the required message to fill the field first. If you also put the password input field, the form can work as a login form.

See the below example to create a login form with the required username and password using Bootstrap.

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The above example contains the form which contains the input fields. There are two input fields for username and password. To check the field if required, you have to leave them blank and click the submit button. Each time you leave them blank, you will get a required field message.

I hope, you like this post of how to create an input field users cannot leave blank with Bootstrap. If you have any query regarding the tutorial, please comment below.

Bootstrap Doc For Form Validation for compulsory textbox

Also tell me, which method you are using to make a compulsory to fill the input field.

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