Define CSS for Internet Explorer and Add IE-Only Stylesheet

In this tutorial, learn how to define CSS for Internet Explorer and add IE-only stylesheet. The short answer is: You can add stylesheet only for Internet Explorer browser using commented IE if condition.

Define your own CSS for Internet Explorer which will not affect CSS for other web browsers. The Internet Explorer is the only browser which creates pain for the designers when they want to design a website. Chrome is the best browser a designer can trust a good design with all CSS works perfectly.

However, Internet Explorer required more concentration to create a required designed page. Because of this, you may require a separate stylesheet to add to your website which may work only when you open a website on Internet Explorer. You may also like how to change background transparency of div element using CSS.

How to Define CSS Only for Internet Explorer and Add IE-Only Stylesheet

You can add IE defined the only stylesheet by using the conditional comment inside the <head> tag as given below. Use the start commented if condition and the end of if condition. Put IE only stylesheet in between the starting and the closing commented if condition.

The above example contains the ie.css, which contains the CSS defined only for Internet Explorer. Replace your IE defined stylesheet with the above-given stylesheet name. The above stylesheet works only for the Internet Explorer browser and there is no effect to the other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla etc.

Define CSS or Add Stylesheet for All Browsers Except Internet Explorer

If you want to add style or define CSS which works for all the web browsers except Internet Explorer. You can use the below given conditional comments which contains the symbol !IE. Which means, if not the Internet Explorer browser then apply the CSS.

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Hope, you like this tutorial of how to define CSS for Internet Explorer and add IE-only stylesheet. Also, tell me which method are you using to add IE-only stylesheet for your webpage.

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