How to Align Button to Right With Bootstrap and CSS

In this tutorial, learn how to use Bootstrap to align button to right. Bootstrap requires just a single class to add and make the alignment. You also use CSS for the button to align to the right.

But, what is the class of Bootstrap you have to add to make alignment? Also, which CSS property you can use to move the button to the right. Well! here you will find the answer with the examples and output given below.

So, let’s start first with the Bootstrap method by adding a single class for alignment.

How to Get Bootstrap Button Align Right

Bootstrap is the simplest method of making alignment of any HTML elements like button, images, etc. You have to use the Bootstrap text-align classes for alignment of a button. It describes the class .text-right to add to the parent element where button placed.

See the example below to align your button to the right position using Bootstrap.

Test it Live


The above example uses the Bootstrap button to create a button. After that, a single class is added to the parent div element to make the alignment. You can find the above button aligned to the right position.

Watch Our Live Demo below and Download Code to Use

You can download the above demo with the download button given below the image.

Make Alignment of Button to Right Using CSS

A CSS method requires to use the HTML style to add an inline CSS to align button right. You have to use the CSS text-align property and use right as its value.

To do this, first of all, add a class to the parent element where you have placed the button. Now, use the class selector to add the CSS as given below.

Test it Live


The above example contains the CSS code with the right-aligned button. The method uses both a class and the style tag to perform the alignment.

Now, choose whether you want to align button using Bootstrap or CSS. Use the examples given above for both the methods.

Conclusion: Don’t Use Bootstrap .pull-right Class and CSS float:right Property

Don’t use the Bootstrap .pull-right class to make the button alignment. As it can create some problems on your page design. It may also affect some other element and may change the position with the other content or overlap.

In addition to this, you also require to do not to use the CSS float: right property. You can make alignment of a button to the right using float: right. However, Use of this can also affect some other content design and may change the position of elements.

So, remember to use only the Bootstrap .text-right and CSS text-align:right property. Follow the example given above to perform the alignment of the button.

Hope, you like this post of how Bootstrap to align button to right or use CSS. If you have any query regarding the tutorial, please comment below.

Also, tell me which method you are using to align your button by commenting below.

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