What Is Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program? Signup and Earn Money

What Is Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

If you have a website or blog, you can earn money from affiliate marketing. You have to signup with the affiliate networks like ShareASale to join these programs.

After you join the affiliate network, you have to signup with the below given Top affiliate programs. These affiliate programs provide an affiliate link to track the clicks of your website visitors. Include the affiliate links on any of your related post.

For example: If you have joined Zarmoney affiliate program, you have to include the affiliate link to the pay per lead affiliate post. Because Zarmoney affiliate program is the top pay per lead affiliate programs which gives you $10 for each free signups.

Each time the visitor clicks on the link and make some purchase, you will earn some amount of money. You will also earn for free signup. We can say that, free signup action and make a sale action are conversions you give.

Below affiliate program also pays for free signup or lead. It means when someone clicks the affiliate link on your website and only make free signup with the affiliate programs. You will earn some handsome amount of money given in the below affiliate programs.

Affiliate Disclosure: At Tutorialdeep, we believe in transparency for our users. In this blog, there are some referral links. If you signup with these links we will earn some commission with no extra cost to you. We recommend these links because these are our trusted brands.

Top Affiliate Programs To Earn Money For Free Signups

1. Zarmoney (Earn $10 For Free Signup)

Zarmoney is the cloud-based accounting software with many features. With this, you can create invoices and generate customized reports.

It gives a single user plan for absolutely free and for each free signups, you will earn $10. You can increase your earning with this program.

Signup Zarmoney

2. FreshBooks (Earn $5 For Free Signup)

FreshBooks is the accounting software for small businesses running online. Create automated invoices to reduce your efforts. Get payments in any currency via Paypal or credit cards.

FreshBooks gives a free plan for 30 days and for each signup, get $5 for free. In addition to this, if you add only the banner to some of your posts. You will earn handsome money of $25.

Signup FreshBooks

3. Bonsai (Earn $3 For Free Signup)

Bonsai is the all-in-one accounting software to send invoices and track your expenses. Is also provides secure digital signatures to send contracts to your clients.

Bonsai provides a free plan for a single user which gives you all features to use for no cost. Also, for each free plan signup, you will earn $3. This is another program to increase your earning and also use all features for free.

Signup Bonsai

4. Nutcache (Earn $2 For Free Signup)

Nutcache is the software to manage and check the progress of your project online. It’s an all-in-one affiliate program to track and organize your progress.

Nutcache contains so many features which you can use for free signup for 14 days. For each free signup you provide to Nutcache, you will earn $2. It’s easy money online because the signup process needs a Google account only.

Signup Nutcache

5. ShareASale (Earn $1 For Free Signup)

ShareASale is the affiliate network from where you can join many high paying affiliate programs to earn money online. It is the most reputed and trusted network online for many business and blogs.

You can find many affiliate programs to join with the best support. It also gives $1 for each free signup you provide
Signup ShareASale

6. Ginger Software (Earn $0.50 For Free Signup)

Ginger is the fastest way to remove English grammar mistakes online. It comes with app, chrome extensions online to get rid of mistakes.

It comes with a free lifetime plan to join and install the chrome extension. For each free signup you give to Ginger, you will earn $0.50.

Signup Ginger Software

7. Tailwind (Earn $0.50 For Free Signup)

If you want to schedule your post to Pinterest and Instagram. You can use it to reduce human effort. With many all-in-one tools, you can share and track your posts online in one platform.

Tailwind gives $0.50 for each free signup you provide. The free version gives many features to share your post to Pinterest and Instagram.

Signup Tailwind

8. DMCA (Earn $0.50 For Free Signup)

Protect your content with the help of DMCA scanning tools. Automatically watermarking on all of your blog images to protect them with copyright.

Each free signup you provide to DMCA, you will earn $0.25. With the free plan, you can protect your content from stolen.

Signup DMCA

9. Grammarly (Earn $0.50 For Free Signup)

Grammarly is the online grammar checker tool. These tools can improve your writing skills direct on browsers.

If you give signup for free chrome extension, you will earn $0.20 for each free signup. You may also like to read the post how to get Grammarly chrome extension for free.

Signup Grammarly

Hope, you like this post of What Is Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program. If you have any more suggestions for the pay per lead affiliate programs, Please comment below.

Also tell me, if you have any blog then which affiliate programs you have joined to earn money online.

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