HTML acronym tag View More

HTML acronym tag is used to show acronyms in the web pages. The acronym tag is used with the title

HTML address tag View More

HTML address tag is used inside webpages to show address. The address indicating inside address tag displays as italic text.

HTML area tag View More

HTML area tag is used to specify links to each image parts. After specifying the link to each area of

HTML base tag View More

HTML base tag is used to specify the base url of a website. This base url becomes the starting point

HTML basefont tag View More

HTML basefont tag is used to specify the base font, color, size and font family for a website. These base

HTML bdi tag View More

HTML bdi tag is used to specify the bidirectional text in a website. The bidirectional text are the text write

HTML bdo tag View More

HTML bdo tag is used to override the text to other direction in a website. We can call it as

HTML blockquote tag View More

HTML blockquote tag is used to show a block of quotes inside web pages. These block of quotes showing contents

HTML caption tag View More

HTML caption tag is used to show the title of the tables inside web pages. This caption tag must be

HTML center tag View More

HTML center tag is used to show text with alignment to center. The center tag is depreciated now, But you


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